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Uber Warrior
by nano Thursday, May 24 2007, 4:53pm
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

New Uber warfare strategies of the 21st century have relegated conventional war and to a lesser extent guerilla war strategies to history. Today’s ubiquitous and highly accessible computer technologies have redefined warfare. Traditional militaries are facing redundancy, irrelevance and heightened vulnerability to skilled digital operators. The keyboard is proving to be the most effective weapon of the modern age! Uber war is asymmetry taken to its final phase. In theory a single individual is now capable of subverting a State! The digital age has resulted in a universal dependence on digital technology. The most powerful military powers are now exposed to (persistent) direct and indirect digital attacks – it is only a matter of time before a skilled digital warrior succeeds in compromising the defence capability of a superpower.

The principal weapons of Uber warfare are keyboards, I/O devices and the global digital network. It is no secret that sophisticated military technology is totally dependent on computerised systems, the greatest strength is also the greatest weakness. In theory a single individual/person is capable of subverting a State; a situation that has never before presented itself to an individual; however, the practical reality would most likely be a small highly skilled group working cooperatively in order to increase the impact of an attack.

This short introduction in no way attempts to be definitive as that would defy the constantly shifting radical ‘nature’ of Uber warfare; a warfare characterised by event-specific rapid responses, ultra-opportunism, relentless pursuit and ‘invisible’ attacks. Nevertheless, describing a few characteristics may help readers better understand the highly amorphous Uber warrior (UW):

The primary characteristic of the UW is invisibility to all (but those who share equal or superior skills).

The UW operates in a decentralised, cooperative rather than a hierarchical environment; at no stage is ‘command’ an issue as the speed of an appropriate and effective response prohibits any delay. Static attack-plan (models) are doomed to failure in today’s fields of battle. Static attack models are extremely vulnerable to rapidly changing circumstances. Exploiting weaknesses as they arise is superior to following prescribed military strategies. Opportunism takes precedence over planning – identifying and immediately exploiting weakness as they appear stuns and eventually cripples the opponent.

Flux/changeability is to be embraced and viewed as a strength. The enemy is unable to exist without clearly defined structures and identifiable targets; therefore offer no clearly defined structures, identifiable apparel, banners or markings, Uber warriors appear and disappear at will, uniformity in appearance or behaviour is to be avoided at all costs. The initiative and strategic advantage should never be surrendered to the larger more cumbersome opponent. The advantage must remain with the smaller, highly mobile force. Referring to a chain of command during an attack is akin to swimming with a rock tied to one’s back – the ‘chain of command’ is a formula for certain defeat in today’s world.

Always allow the enemy to expose its most vulnerable area. Exposure is usually forced or results from an unconscious demonstration of inappropriate force. Constantly prod the beast as it charges and it will soon reveal a mortal weakness.

Exploit all components/factors that sustain the enemy, never forget that WAR is always TOTAL WAR; the battlefield is not necessarily a combat zone, a psychological attack on the civilian population is as effective an attack as any other. The field of battle is only limited by the imagination of the Uber warrior, victory is ensured by waging war in every possible sphere of influence but especially in a purpose-built ‘space’ created by the UW.

It is hoped the above introduction provides enough oblique stimulation to disengage readers from habitual linear views of warfare. Additional strategies and information should/must be supplied by each warrior as it is innovation, novelty, and improvisation that create the greatest advantage.

We are One or we are nothing!

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