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Training Tips for Uber Warriors
by nano Sunday, Jun 3 2007, 1:17pm
international / peace/war / article

6th generation warfare and beyond

The physical and mental well being of the Uber Warrior (UW) is of the utmost importance. With the heightened senses that a clear mind and supple body provide, the UW easily defeats the mentally and physically constipated, amphetamine soaked, technologically dependent, soldiers of the west. Not generally known is the damage the U.S. military inflicts on its own troops – burnout and paranoid psychosis result from inappropriate training methods and dangerous chemical ‘combat enhancers’, dextroamphetamine, etc. The strength of the UW resides principally in his/her consciousness, which in turn resides in a toxin free vital body.

The primary weapons of the UW are therefore the mind and body – with these two well-honed weapons he easily overcomes the enemy and reigns supreme. The following routines have been tested and proven over centuries, they remain at the pinnacle of psychophysical culture.

The real 'burning bush': 72,000 vital currents (nadis)
The real 'burning bush': 72,000 vital currents (nadis)


There are no secrets to physical and mental well being; a visit to any US military canteen reveals the ‘foods’ (garbage) to which U.S. troops have become addicted – their diet is tantamount to slow death. Fuelled on rubbish they hope to overcome their enemy when they are clearly unable to overcome their own appalling and destructive ‘living’ habits.

Invigorating clean food is the physical fuel of the UW. In this regard ALL pre-packed processed foods are to be shunned, natural wholesome, seasonal foods from the region are to be consumed with (optional) minimal meat, not exceeding 10% of total daily food intake. However, special circumstances do exist, e.g. operations in frigid regions, which require increased meat intake – the meats traditionally consumed by aboriginal peoples are preferred to other sources in the region but at no time should imported frozen, canned or preserved meats be consumed.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes remain the mainstay and ideal diet for the UW; deviations from the basic mainstay should be as brief as possible. The beverage for the UW is clean (or filtered) water, herbal teas and minimal coffee to be consumed as a tonic or for medicinal purposes only -- all other beverages especially popular western artificially sweetened, additive laden drinks are to be shunned. Eat moderately and only when hungry, never when distressed – remember, the wall-clock is a convenience not an indicator of when one should eat!


The body must maintain its elasticity/suppleness and tone otherwise it becomes a liability. Never forget the body is designed for movement. Western training methods emphasise muscular strength, which tends to bind and constrict the body whereas superior eastern methods are designed to, loosen, tone and vitalise. Short bursts of power are inferior to sustained energy output in the field – the field should be viewed as a marathon regardless of the duration of any given battle/operation.

Sedentary pursuits should only occupy a minimal period of the day. Deliberate, calm activity is characteristic of the UW regardless of all extraneous influences. It is the enemy that hysterically over reacts (often brutally) to situations that only require minimal corrective intervention. The inability to assess a situation is characteristic of the chemically driven technologically dependent dull soldier. Misapprehension or failure to quickly assess a given situation is a recipe for defeat – American troops excel in this regard.

The following routines have proven to be the most health endowing and invigorating movements known to man – the proof is in the pudding. The health benefits derived from these ‘movements’ have not been fully explored, however many benefits are known. These routines invigorate the nerves, muscles and endocrine system -- the heart and other vital organs are also vitalised through these practices.

Asian methods of physical culture are superior to Western methods. Of the Asian methods Yoga continues to reign supreme as the most efficient method of producing the widest possible spectrum of benefits. All the major organs, nerve ganglia, endocrine glands (including the thymus), the cerebral-spinal system and the muscular-skeletal system are conditioned and benefited. The UW should become proficient in the following postures (asanas):

Surya-namaskar . salute to the sun (warm up)
Sirshasana . headstand or Viparita-karani . inverted pose
Sarvangasana . shoulder stand
Matsyasana . fish pose
Halasana . plough
Bhujangasana . cobra
Salabhasana . locust
Dhanurasana . bow position
Vakrasana . twisted pose
Pashimatana . posterior stretch
Mayurasana . peacock pose
Savasana . corpse position

Uddiyana . abdominal ‘fly-up’
Nauli . abdominal isolation
Simhasana . lion pose

[A qualified yoga teacher from a known tradition should be consulted on the proper manner of execution.]

Physical culture must coincide with mental culture; the human being is a psychosomatic organism, to ignore the development of one half of an entity is the height of folly and ignorance. The failure of Western troops is directly related to their lack of mental capacity, while this situation may not have been problematic in the past, the war is won today with skill and intelligence displayed on the field of battle regardless of the nature of that ‘field’. The response speed required today in the field has made hierarchical military structures obsolete. A lesson America is only now learning.

The UW is victorious for very simple reasons, heightened mental and physical powers ensure the advantage over a duller enemy; this applies to combatants and strategists. All members of an operational unit are able to perform most of the functions of their peers; however, highly skilled specialists eg. mathematicians (IT related warfare), cultural analysts etc, continue to provide specialised task specific support. Genius is not yet a common phenomenon.


Probably the most distinguishing features of western culture -- clearly evident in its military personnel -- are desensitisation and dissipation. Western culture provides the perfect environment for dulling the senses and depleting physical energy and neural vitality. The constant stimulation and ‘cheap thrills’ characteristic of western culture quickly dulls the senses. From a very young age westerners become desensitised to their immediate environment, their peers and themselves. This results in an inability to concentrate (focus) on a single subject/object for any length of time. A simple test verifies this appalling condition. The reader may care to focus on a spot on the wall for at least 5 minutes to the exclusion of intruding thoughts; in other words the mind must achieve singular focus for a fixed period without any fluctuations in concentration. Many are surprised at the fickleness of their minds when challenged by this simple task.

While it is true that mental dissipation is common to all cultures today, the west far exceeds other cultures, the constant bombardment from ever-increasing (competing) stimuli in the west provides for the dullest mentalities. The UW warrior therefore disciplines his mind as he would discipline his body. At dawn and dusk the UW collects himself and focuses the mind on a single subject/object to the exclusion of all else for a period of 90 minutes, slowly building up to 3 hours (the ideal).

When the mind is gathered in this fashion it eventually subsides and quintessence is achieved. Continued practice eventuates in total absorption. Absorption provides clarity and intuition far superior to the limitations of the empirical senses. Absorption in any object including another being results in the target object revealing all its ‘secrets’; an intimate understanding of the object is achieved – in this way disciplined warriors of the past were able to ‘see’ their own nerve currents and even understand the motion of planets. Furthermore, this absorption known in the east as Samyama endows the UW with extra-sensory abilities. There are many benefits to this rarely achieved state, one of which is the ability of the practitioner to enter the mind of another – the UW is therefore able to wage ‘war’ in a highly effective field/space not available to the opponent.

A fully trained Uber Warrior transcends mundane conventions; rising above the constraints of morality and the poison oceans of fear and loathing the UW becomes completely fearless. Devoid of superimposed ‘morality’ the UW becomes the quintessence of morality; free of fear the UW is never inclined to violence, however, the UW wages war on those who attack harmony and peace and would destroy the whole world.

The full benefits of UW training can never be exhausted; there are wars, many 'wars' face us daily but cultivation prepares us for any conflict.

Never forget the war is won within before it is ever won without. America was defeated prior to embarking on its criminal enterprise in Iraq. The truth will be known soon enough and for those responsible there will be hell to pay. I would add a little warning to China; your greatest asset is also your greatest threat. You have taught the people to fight corrupt government and fight they do. Tread carefully otherwise they will overwhelm you – even today they are becoming impossible to manage – what will you do in the event of a minor crisis?

As for the rest – we are victorious!

We are One or we are nothing.



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Over Hill, Over Dale: The Militarization of Culture
by Charles Sullivan via rialator - The Smirking Chimp Tuesday, Jun 5 2007, 10:11am

[Ed. The following story confirms the misguided notion that technology makes the warrior -- an extremely costly misapprehension.]

3 June, 2007

A very disturbing commercial is being shown on network television in the United States with alarming regularity. I have seen it frequently during the past few weeks on an NBC station that broadcasts from the nation's capital, Washington, DC.

It opens with a male chorus--perhaps a military choir--singing: "Over hill, over dale; we have hit the dusty trail." The song has the cadence of a forced march. In muted light soldiers are seen wading through fetid water with weapons aloft, while well coordinated precision military operations are unfolding all around, like a Rogers and Hammerstein musical. We are supposed to be impressed with the military and technological prowess on display, awed into admiration for it; awed into submission to it, the oracle of our times.

As a montage of war images flicker across the screen, each of them portraying military operations (none of them showing the real horrors of war); a male voice extols the virtues of technological warfare and the unification of all military branches. Air force. Navy. Marines. Army. One force. The commercial ends with the statement, "Northrop Grumman: Defining the future."

The infomercial clearly targets a male audience. Northrop Grumman and other defense contractors are realizing staggering profits from U.S. imperial policy in the Middle East and around the globe. The social and environmental costs, as always, are born by others. This is corporate welfare in its most hideous form--socialized costs and privatized profits. It is parasitic capitalism in its most malignant incarnation. It is the kind of propaganda Americans are exposed to their every waking moment.

No one who views the advertisement is going to run out and buy an advanced weapons system from Northrop Grumman. Thus one must ponder the real purpose of the ad. The message is not designed to sell weapons systems; it was created to sell the American people on the notion of superior technological prowess, perpetual warfare and war profiteering that guarantees, for a little while longer, at least, an unsustainable way of life: ideas that have already won widespread acceptance among the slumbering masses and the willfully ignorant.

We are supposed to believe that the Military Industrial Complex, a conglomeration of defense contractors with its long poisonous tentacles firmly lodged in the gangrened flesh of government, is protecting us and our way of life from a hostile world intent on destroying both. We are supposed to see perpetual war in Orwellian terms of peace; ignorance as strength, evil as good. Destruction of the commons and our civil liberties by fascist corporatism is supposedly good for the country because it is good for the war profiteers in government and Northrop Grumman--which is only the tip of a much larger malignancy rooted deeply in the cadaverous flesh of American society.

If Northrop Grumman is indeed defining the future, America--and the world--are in deep trouble. We are witnessing the blatant militarization of our culture by the forces of darkness, the machines of misery and death.

Hummers, a military vehicle, populate the roads and highways of America, even as the last drops of cheap oil are being sucked from the sands of the occupied territories. The human costs of war that sustain patterns of conspicuous consumption and waste never enter the minds of consumers. After all we are an exceptional people. The costs are born by others and kept hidden from view.

The glorification of war is nearly ubiquitous in the culture. You see it in the vehicles we drive, aggressive behavior, excessive national pride, flag waving, military style clothing, movies, video games; and now--television commercials. The American consumer is essentially becoming a piece of computer hardware programmed to download propaganda and to execute its commands without thinking. It does what it is programmed to do.

Northrop Grumman, the neocons, and their timorous accomplices in Congress are all peddling the same bogus image to the American people. Like the forces portrayed in the television ad, they are a well financed, well organized array of seemingly disparate forces fighting as one. Who are they fighting? We the people. Democracy. Truth. Peace. Organized labor. Working class people the world over.

Charles Sullivan is a photographer and free-lance writer living in the hinterland of West Virginia.

© 2007 Smirking Chimp Media

Simha-asana in the DhyanaBindu Upanishad
by sadh Tuesday, Jun 5 2007, 11:17pm

The medulla ‘oblong’ata is the juncture where the Sushumna, Ida and Pingala enter the brain. These Nadis (conduits) then follow their respective courses along the left and right brain hemispheres and along the split between them to reach the (olfactory) centre between the eyes at the root of the nose – however, a fourth channel also stems from the medulla. Its course follows the back of the brain and rises to the aperture of the skull (Brahmarandhra). The cryptic passage in the DhyanaBindu Upanishad appears to indicate this:

Sec.94 … “When (‘wind’) Vayu (which enters the great hole associated with a hall where four roads meet) gets into the half of the well-placed triangle, then is Achyuta (the indestructible) seen.”

The “well-placed triangle” is the three courses (in the skull) of the principal Nadis. The “great hole” is the hollow channel in the spinal cord itself. The “hall where four roads meet” is the medulla oblongata.

The ancient sages ensured that their knowledge would survive through the ages by encoding profound truths in the Scriptures. The profane have little hope of decoding the Scriptures; modern Tantra interpretation is a good example. While it could be said that there are no secrets per se, it is evident that certain knowledge is apprehended only by the few. The Scriptures are ONE – regardless of culture or time and they are, in the most part secret ie. openly available to those who are able to decode them.

Yogic terminology is known by many, however the message, meaning and practice are lost to most. Most fail to grasp the dynamic principle of Yoga ie. the ‘rising and falling’ (or pulsing [Spanda]) of the yogic currents. These currents fail to orbit only at physical death. Section 58. of the Upanishad describes it thus:

Sec. 58..“All these are situated (or run along) the one thousand Nadis, (being) in the form of (or producing) life. Jiva which is under the influence of Prana and Apana goes up and down.” [orbit/pulse/Spanda] my brackets and emphasis.

The (Yoga) practitioner simply needs to synchronise with these currents – they are both universal and particular (Macro and Microcosmic). Instead the ‘normal’ pattern for the majority is to resist them (denial and ‘body armour’) and suffer accordingly.

Sec 43. “Siddha, Bhadra, Simha and Padma are the four (chief) postures.”

The above section (43) of this sublime Upanishad states that “Simha” asana is one of the chief postures! Few yoga texts give the Lion pose such an elevated position. Most practitioners are aware of the benefits attributed to this posture, facial toning, eyes and ears - blood supply increased dramatically in the oral area (throat and gums) etc. However, after performing this posture over an extended period the subtle but dramatic psychic effects become evident ie Shakti will rise as a result of the sudden splaying/shotgun effect of instantly assuming the posture.

It should be understood at this stage that there would be little benefit for the sensualists. The sacral or generative centre is exactly that – the generator of ‘Kundaline’ energy. If this psychic force expresses itself externally (coition) it is consumed in that process. Celibacy or moderation in sex is always recommended for the aspirant in order to retain the psychic force which will then vibrantly circulate through the nadis to be stored in the solar plexus. The greater the accumulation of this energy the greater the personal (psychic) power and health. In this highly charged state each asana becomes more than mere gymnastics – it becomes potentially ‘universe shaking’.

The assumption of Simha releases pranic energy (from the solar plexus) and directs it through the spine, piercing the granthis and culminating in Sahasrara. This potentially could induce Samadhi, provided the preparatory practises of Yoga have laid the proper foundation. The most dramatic effect of Simhasana is the piercing of Rudra granthi at the back of the head (medulla oblongata). The practise of Simhasana will re-establish the upward moving (pranic) force and reduce the tendency toward externalisation in the sacral region.

Om Tat Sat

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