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Kosovo: declaring unilateral independence – WAR!
by dusan Tuesday, Nov 20 2007, 11:40pm
international / peace/war / commentary

The utter folly of it all! Western (NATO/US) forces are so desperate to destroy what is left of Yugoslavia they blind themselves to the real consequences and costs of their short term actions. Any fool can see the cost outweighs the perceived benefit – it just isn’t worth it!

To put NATO and US desperation into perspective consider their action of supporting a Muslim terrorist organisation against a Christian European nation. Consider also that Yugoslavia is traditionally an ally of the west and has fought with allied forces against the fascist menace in both world wars. Whereas Muslim Albania aligned itself with Hitler as did Catholic Croatia.

The KLA is internationally known as a terrorist, criminal organisation that funds itself with the proceeds of drug money, murder and other smuggling/criminal operations yet the west, in its desperation, has legitimised the KLA in order to destroy what is left of Yugoslavia – a travesty of monumental proportions in the making. NATO forces are deploying in Northern Kosovo to contain Serbs on both sides of the border as I write!

However, Serbs are too shrewd to launch an overt conventional offensive in these circumstances but any declaration of independence would also constitute a declaration of war against a much maligned, persecuted but RESILIENT PEOPLE! Be advised!

Western forces have forgotten that Serbs ONLY UNITE AS A SINGLE FIGHTING FORCE WHEN CONFRONTED WITH ANNIHILATION – ironically it will be the actions of NATO/US forces that UNITES the SERBS in the new century.

There are approximately seven million Serbs on the planet and they are scattered in every major city across the globe -- perhaps NATO and the US should have mobilised forces to protect their capitals rather than Balkan border regions. Already the west displays antiquated thinking; is anyone able to accurately predict Serbia’s response in these circumstances?

Kosovo legally remains Yugoslav territory and history will record it thus!

A post-modern world requires post-modern strategies! Stealth, Specificity, Speed and Subterfuge also constitute four S’s – and to add another, Solidarity! Serbia’s traditional allies, China and Russia, are engaged in their own battles with the same forces that now seek to destroy Serbia.

China may dump its US dollar reserves as major centres and installations around the world are disrupted. Who can say? I wouldn’t even attempt to predict the Russian response except to say this time around Russia is acutely aware that Kosovo represents the first domino!

Twenty first century warfare is very subtle; brutish criminal organisations such as the KLA and NATO do not possess the mental capacity to wage the new warfare. Bullying tactics utilised on Pakistan and Middle East nations cannot be applied in the Balkans – Serbs are not so easily intimidated, even death is a friend to the Christian Serbs.

I will end the beginning with a prediction of the end; it will be a very sorry day in Balkan history the day Muslim KLA terrorists attempt to declare Kosovo independence!

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