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Moral Victory on offer: will Australia take the challenge or Cringe?
by nano Saturday, Nov 24 2007, 8:54am
international / peace/war / article


The world is at a crossroads today, NOW! The conservative criminals who are responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent men, women and CHILDREN in the Middle East and Iraq MUST be held to account if the world would survive in a new era of co-operation as opposed to destruction and senseless antagonism.

If the new Oz leader, Kevin Rudd, has even a modicum of INTEGRITY or MORAL FIBRE he would not hesitate in apprehending Howard and a number of his senior ministers and surrendering them to the courts. Allow the legal system to do its job; have faith in AUSTRALIAN LEGAL INSTITUTIONS! If Howard imagines he is innocent then clearly he has nothing to worry about but the evidence is overwhelming.

AUSTRALIA HAS AN OPPORTUNITY TO SHAPE WORLD EVENTS NOW! It is clear that apprehending Howard would trigger similar responses in the USA and Britain; the world would applaud a MORAL VICTORY and most likely embark on a new course of mutual cooperation, mutual assistance and support. The future demands cooperation if the species is to survive, I need not elaborate on the challenges that face us all, they are known to all informed citizens.

The people OF THE WORLD are frantic for change in this direction, together we have a chance to coexist in a tenable world – the species/people are ready they KNOW ‘in their bones!’

Do not squander this most fleeting opportunity for positive and constructive change – bring the criminals to justice and face the challenges of the future together in a spirit of constructive cooperation.

There really is no choice – divided or complacent we are lost!


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