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Exiting Oz PM leaves his mark on ADF
by major mitchell Saturday, Dec 1 2007, 12:14pm
national / peace/war / commentary

An age old Indian adage states, ‘regardless of how careful or skilled, if one is confined to a room with soot covered walls for a long period of time, some is sure to rub off!’ After 11 years of Howard’s cowardly leadership it seems the above adage has proven true for the ADF! I am extremely ashamed to report that Australian Defence Forces have killed two women and a child while on ‘operations’ in Afghanistan.

Digger in Afghanistan
Digger in Afghanistan

Whatever the Oz “defence” forces imagine they are doing in Afghanistan they should now vigorously question their presence, strategies and tactics – Afghanistan is clearly not in our region nor does it present a threat to world peace. It seems that during Howard’s cowardly tenure as PM, the ADF picked up some bad American habits. Regardless of the cause/s of the present tragedy our presence on the other side of the world needs to be re-assessed. It is now widely known that US/NATO leadership is thoroughly incompetent..

Killing innocent civilians is an American not an Australian practice. The euphemism of ‘collateral damage’ does not exist in the Australian military lexicon. Such terms are easily seen for what they are, feeble excuses to disguise a hopelessly incompetent, amphetamine crazed military! Australia has a proud and honourable fighting tradition to uphold. The sooner ex-Defence Minister (and purchaser of second rate, unwanted US military hardware) Brendan Nelson offers an explanation and recommends profuse apologies and compensation to surviving family members, the better. Notwithstanding we are mindful that no amount of money compensates for a child’s life.

This ‘incident’ may serve to jolt the ADF out of its servile US/NATO induced trance; Afghanistan is not in our region nor does it present a threat!

We sincerely hope this tragic incident will be the last Howard legacy the nation is forced to endure.

The link provides further information:

War criminal, US lackey and despicable coward
War criminal, US lackey and despicable coward

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