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A threat to world Peace -- U.S. interference in Balkans
by Kingfisher Friday, Dec 7 2007, 8:40am
international / peace/war / news report

Kosovo is legally, morally, and spiritually, Serbian; which part of that simply reality is difficult to understand? Every nation has the legal right to maintain its territorial integrity; what part of that legal reality is difficult to understand? The KLA is an Islamic, criminal, secessionist terrorist organisation -- fact! Nations that support criminal organisations cast themselves as criminal States; recent world history would validate that reality.

Rice -- child killer and war criminal
Rice -- child killer and war criminal

In the event of any interference in Serbian territorial matters Serbia is legally and morally justified in utilising ALL MEANS to secure its sovereignty and protect itself against all secessionist, terrorist and criminal forces. Is that too simple a proposition for the US and NATO to grasp? Perhaps ROGUE forces/nations wish to test ONE THOUSAND YEARS OF SERBIAN WILL, RESOLVE AND RESILIENCE.

According to law and international convention the immediate withdrawal of ALL FOREIGN FORCES – inclusive of military bases/installations -- from Serbian territory is demanded. Serbia is easily able to maintain its territories; however, in the event of outside interference Serbia may call for the support of traditional allies depending on the extent and the degree of force applied by interfering forces/States in support of criminal, terrorist organisations.

The world can ill-afford flagrantly illegal attempts by secessionist groups to disrupt the national security of SOVEREIGN NATIONS!

Serbia also calls for the arrest of known war criminals responsible for the most horrific holocaust of the 21st century – the criminal Iraq invasion and occupation. Leaders of the so-called ‘coalition of the willing’ are self-condemned war criminals; their arrest would constitute a new beginning for world PEACE and would satisfy public discontent and disillusionment, which is clearly contributing to the breakdown of law and order in many societies today.

It simply is NOT possible to maintain social order and civil society while high profile WAR CRIMINALS are allowed to flout the LAW.

The precedent set by the Hague war crimes tribunal of placing national leaders on trial (Milosevic) allows for the immediate arrest of Bush, Blair and Howard for war crimes – no double standards are acceptable in the present circumstances. We appeal to international and State law for the arrest of these known war criminals – JUSTICE and the entire world demand it!

Bush -- mass murderer, war criminal and moron
Bush -- mass murderer, war criminal and moron

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