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Naxalites indicate viable future strategy
by major mitchell Tuesday, Dec 18 2007, 2:18pm
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

The landless peasants, tribal people and Dalit (untouchable) underclass of India and Nepal have been exploited, oppressed and treated with disdain for centuries, but no longer, they have taken up arms and are fighting their oppressors with a vengeance. They have successfully targeted and killed hundreds of their oppressors; feudal landlords, industrialists and the mega-wealthy. The astounding result of this strategy has been a power sharing deal in the government of Nepal – a remarkable success!

Targeting one’s oppressors and exploiters would seem the natural response so why have slaves through the centuries begrudgingly accepted their lot? Failure to overcome the most immediate and insidious enemy FIRST always spells failure in the fight against social oppressors. The initial enemy is FEAR! [Please excuse me for stating the obvious but the situation warrants it!] It is fear that leads to subservience and slavery; it is fear that has crippled people for millennia.

It is now time for the WEST to address the critical question, ARE WE THE SHEEPLE OR THE PEOPLE? The West has clearly answered with the former descriptor while the East is clearly answering with the later!

Asian populations have overcome their age-old fears and have taken up arms against their oppressors and slave masters – with stunning success!

The paradigm of superior leaders and inferior followers has been completely shattered by the (idiot) leadership of George W Bush – no explanation necessary except to add that people around the globe have been inspired by this moron. If he can rob, murder and plunder by the force of arms then so can we! Especially in consideration of the fact the Bush regime has bungled everything it has attempted.

All rebel groups have been legitimised by the criminal actions of the Bush regime. Furthermore, the Texan half-wit continues to lead his nation (to catastrophe!) A brief analysis of his foreign policy reveals the methods of a brigand -- armed robbery and murder. Any moron can do that! Turkey is testimony to the fact. How long did YOU think it would take before other nations utilised similar excuses and US methods to plunder resource rich regions? Don’t make us laugh! Every housewife knows the expression, “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” and so it goes in Iraq – but I digress.

Where was I? O yes, as the world descends into anarchy, ruling plutocrats and all manner of parasitic minorities have exposed their soft and DEFENCELESS underbellies. A clear indication is the most powerful nation in the world outsourcing its ‘army!’ Recent testimony before a US Senate committee revealed that a senior official in a private security company (Blackwater) earns in excess of one million dollars per annum while a high ranking officer in the US Army earns in the vicinity of $150,000; a wide disparity to say the least. But that is not the point.

Blackwater ‘amphetamine’ security may indeed earn more than regular forces but the amount is infinitesimal compared to the fat parasites they protect; these PIGS are scooping hundreds of BILLIONS! Don’t pre-empt me! How long will it take before speed-freak security firms realise they have the guns and POWER and the bloated defenceless PIGS have nothing but LIES? Anyone can plunder and hold people to ransom. A gun to the head of oil executives and other plutocrats ensures maximum production or minimal life span – who fuckin cares there’s plenty of booty around and I have unlimited supplies of amphetamine crazed ‘security ‘ guards at my disposal – thanks suckers! Did YOU expect the public NOT to learn the simple formula of Bush/Cheney’s (Halliburton) success?

However, any consultant will tell you if you want a professional job then send in the professionals; who better to kill, thieve and plunder than traditional organised crime. With years of experience they could have easily arranged the elimination of the previous Iraqi leadership. Taking control of the oil and everything else of value would have presented minimal problems – they’ve seen it all before. Furthermore, traditional organised crime would have accomplished their aims without the needless loss of over one million innocent lives! Organised crime has learnt over the centuries that needless loss of lives is a public relations disaster. They have developed superb negotiating skills when dealing with other powerful interests. Skills that rank amateurs (no prizes) do not possess. When the stakes are huge no one gets the entire ‘cake.’ Attempts to ‘hog the lot’ usually result in losing everything – as is becoming increasingly evident with every news report.

We all face international economic/market collapse very soon. The recent market injection of hundreds of billions in funds by the world’s reserve banks only serves to indicate the staggering amount that has been stolen by manipulators and lost by gullible and incompetent buffoons. Even this amount is too little to forestall collapse – one nation has to take the brunt in order that other nations suffer less negative impact. Know this fact and move funds away from the sinking ship; it must go down, it’s inevitable – why go down with it?

The world will soon face traumatic ‘restructuring’ for the want of applying a stitch in time. However, before proceeding I must emphasise the importance of holding Bush&Co, Blair and Howard accountable for their heinous crimes against humanity. Now that the TRUTH is known, all previous justifications and excuses for plunging the world into war and madness serve only to incriminate the guilty. It is imperative that these men are arrested and placed on trial – ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE!

I hope the reason is plain to all, a new beginning starts with rectifying the past, not continued DENIAL and psychopathology! It is absolutely imperative that these men are held accountable. Take a look at your child or imagine one of your young relatives and understand that these men are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent children -- for pity’s sake!

I hope this rather extended piece has alerted you to the distinction between plundering, murdering, criminals and oppressed people fighting for their rights. The Naxalites have never killed indiscriminately or wantonly they know exactly who to target.

Nevertheless, my message is always seek peaceful solutions wherever possible – and let the children play!

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