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Dubya in la la
by krill Sunday, Jan 13 2008, 8:58am
international / peace/war / commentary

The civilian death toll measures terrorist activity more accurately than other any other measure.

George W Bush, the world’s leading terrorist and leader of the world’s most vile Terrorist State cannot prevent the inevitable retaliatory attack on mainland USA. A small, highly skilled European group of Freedom fighters and others opposed to despots, war criminals and mass murderers have pledged to rid the world of the idiot tyrant and deliver a message that hometown USA will never forget – try denying a silent, blinding flash and vaporisation! The price you pay for supporting Bush and the crimes he perpetrates in YOUR name, THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE (AND DEATH)!

baby powder
baby powder

The idiot terrorist presently tours the Middle East desperately attempting to enlist support for his expansionist, terrorist activities by accusing other nations of terrorism – tell it to your grandmother, no one is listening, the entire world knows the TRUTH!

George W Bush is responsible for approximately two million civilian deaths around the globe today. Please name another leader who can ‘boast’ more civilian casualties? It cannot be done for the simple reason that no other leader is able to boast even a fraction of such a horrendous death toll! Furthermore, the combined death toll of every other criminal and terrorist group in the world does not come close to the numbers achieved by the USA! That’s right Jethro, good ol’ George dubya is the world’s leading terrorist and America is the world’s leading terrorist State – FACT!

God bless 'merica

god of 'merica
god of 'merica

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