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"He who passively accepts evil is an accessory to it" -- Martin Luther King, Jr
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Story Title Comment Author Comment Posted
Going Underground Ed. 9:28am A4
Criminal Pentagon Withholding Crucial Information in Manning Case judd 12:47pm J18
Radiation, irregular sleep patterns and Diabetes Prof. James F. 1:25am J9
The Reality of Mass Mind Control Robert Sheer vi 9:23am J5
Using the TPP to Renegotiate and Expand NAFTA Mark Engler via 9:32pm J4
Internet Freedom: European MPs don 'Anonymous' Masks in Protest of ACTA John Hilvert vi 9:17pm J4
NATO expands because it is UNCHALLENGED by (COWARDLY) Russia and China Finian Cunningh 8:48am J3
Kyoto, Copenhagen, Rio summits go up in Smoke Sunny Sebastian 3:09pm J23
Study: Renewable sources could supply 80% of U.S. electricity by 2050 Oliver Lazenby 12:15am J23
Assange: "there must be some way outa here .. Editorial Team 8:07am J22
Economics not Sustainability as the Dominant and Destructive Primary Discourse staff report vi 1:19am J21
Austerity for Oz! fixer 11:31pm J16
A Plutocrat's Nightmare the dede 11:02pm J16
Banks cut cosy deals with each other while You get shafted pete 4:14pm J14
The Mistake of Popular Appeal legion 2:57am J14
Oregon man contracts Bubonic Plague mary 10:20pm J13
Revealed: leaked Obama 'Kill Lists' clever Executive tactic staff report vi 10:34pm J12
When is it Appropriate to Forcibly Remove Government? Russ Baker via 9:44pm J8
Bradley Manning Trial -- clear case of Conflict of Interests staff report vi 12:14pm J7
Panetta: US "reaching the limits of its patience" - O, really? staff report vi 11:05am J7
Frustrated Failed Revolutionaries: The Assange Cypherpunks blea 12:38am J6
Diminutive Poof, Bradley Manning, teaches American 'he-men' Honour and Character John LaForge vi 1:53am J5
The New Kamikaze Politics of Today jimmi 12:10am J5
Traditional Enmity Delivers Strategic Gift to US staff report vi 9:53am J3
Great Barrier Reef at Risk Stephanie Peatl 10:05am J2
Fukushima: Thousands of Tonnes of Radioactive water pour into the Pacific Daily staff report vi 12:10am J2
Google warned or face court over antitrust issues Charles Arthur 11:47am J1
The 'Railroading' of Bradley Manning continues while the people watch American Idol Birgitta Jónsd 9:59am J1
A 12yo explains modern Reserve Banking Ellen Brown via 12:08pm M30
‘Green Economy’ - New Disguise for Old Tricks? Rady Ananda 11:42am M30
Hollywood takes Golden Shower - Kidman pisses in face of co-star claire 8:53am M30
Google deliberately stole information but executives 'covered it up' for years Jennifer Dudley 7:57am M28
Assange Symbolically Defers to the Power of the ANONYMOUS Underground fleet 12:21am M26
Secure Web Search Alternatives to CIA/Google David Rosen via 12:04am M26
NATO Chicago Protests Allison Kilkenn 11:48pm M22
Millions say, ‘No, thanks’ to Facebook staff report vi 11:06pm M22
Federal Court Overrules NDAA Provision staff report vi 9:28am M19
Talk is cheap, Medvedev - a show of Force is required John Nichols vi 11:50pm M18
Chávez's economics lesson for Europe cyd 10:22am M16
Wall Street Banksters Feeling Heat Matt Taibbi via 8:20am M16
Corporatists set Agenda and Policy regardless of who 'wins!' Abayomi Azikiwe 10:34pm M15
US War Crimes Becoming Routine John Hanrahan v 12:00am M14
Grass Roots Military - India's Naxalites/Maoists pax 11:08pm M13
Bhutan gets it right with 'Gross National Happiness' Index David Korten vi 10:39am M11
Thousands of British police join anti-austerity protest Richard D Wolff 10:04am M10
Sleight of Hand Economics johnno 1:43am M10
Oz ABC ripples over ex-Premier's advice to Gillard manny 5:06pm M8
They Are Taking Our Rights Away, Again. viv 8:51am M8
Japan: ONGOING Nuclear Disaster, Japanese Shut down Reactors Brad Jacobson v 10:35pm M7
Socialist Imposter wins French Election -- it's business as usual! Alex Lantier vi 11:37pm M6
Military Dishonour and Corporate Wars for Profit Prof. James F. 11:02pm M6
Occupy Wall Street in a Sentence John Knefel via 11:05am M5
America the World's Leading civilian killing Terrorist Nation signs terrorist pact with Oz staff report vi 12:03am M5
AUSTERITY for WHOM? Paul Krugman vi 11:18pm M4
Surrounded Russia Threatens Pre-emptive Nuclear Strike Rick Rozoff via 10:26pm M3
Google's illegal Wi-Fi Hacking Exposed by Engineer sysadmin 2:10am M3
Remember Vietnam and the "Light at the end of the Tunnel?" Paul Craig Robe 11:17pm M2
The Obscenity of Unrepresentative Government staff report vi 7:19am M1
Gillard acquiesces to US demands tye 9:37pm A29
Bradley Manning Court Martial to Proceed staff report vi 7:19am A26
To whom is the WORLD indebted? staff report vi 12:34pm A23
The Circular, Ineffective Discourse of the American Left Chris Hedges vi 8:26am A23
WikiLeaks Lawyer: bureaucratic bungle exposes AMERICAN watch list connie 11:04am A20
God's Chosen Scumbags manny 5:21pm A18
Trifecta Resista Peaceful Protest Against Drone Warfare threes 4:43am A18

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