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Cane toad image Oregon man contracts Bubonic Plague pasteur, Wednesday, Jun 13 2012, 12:22pm
News of bubonic plague in Oregon coincides with a local story of noxious cane toad control in Australia. An interesting parallel can be drawn from the two stories by those seeking an easy, inexpensive means by which to spread deadly pathogens -- bio-warfare in other words.

[New York City's rat population exceeds the human population of the entire continent. A readily available and tempting resource for those who wish to return the 'loving gestures' America has extended to invaded and occupied regions throughout the world.] (story and 1 comment and 2 images)
Last Commented Wednesday, Jun 13 2012, 10:20pm
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text Latest Study: Amish prove raw milk fortifies immune system and promotes health Rady Ananda via sam, Monday, May 14 2012, 7:55am
An international team of researchers recently confirmed that children who drink fresh milk – unprocessed and unpasteurized – have a better immune response to allergens and are far less likely to develop asthma.
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bhutan1.jpg image Bhutan gets it right with 'Gross National Happiness' Index Dean Nelson via sadh, Friday, May 11 2012, 9:53am
Just when the world thought all hope was lost -- with the US perpetual war, murder and plunder, doctrine -- a tiny Himalayan nation returns to the core human values of Peace, Joy and Harmony; the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan has officially adopted a Gross National Index of 'HAPPINESS' to measure the well being and REAL wealth of the nation! (story and 1 comment and 2 images)
Last Commented Friday, May 11 2012, 10:39am
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locavore.jpg imagePDF Document Health and Food Activism - Go Local, reject WTO and Global Food Monopoly staff report via sal, Wednesday, May 9 2012, 10:57pm
Community supported agriculture projects, farmers markets, and other 'local food' systems are on the rise nationwide, according to a first of its kind index based on US government data. And supporting this 'Locavore' movement is a growing army of consumers who recognize the connection between their food choices and the impact they have on communities, the environment, and their own health. (story and 1 image and 1 attached file)
international / health related / other press

mobilesrad.jpg image Radiation, irregular sleep patterns and Diabetes staff report via dock, Wednesday, Apr 11 2012, 11:17pm
Humans have become disconnected to the normal rhythms of life due principally to the 'soup' of electro-magnetic and other radiation bombarding them on a daily basis. Mobile phones, digital appliances, media screens etc, all 'flickering'/pumping out harmful radiation; every medium oscillates at its own frequency and the combination creates an ever-present electronic 'soup' of invisible poison, which scientists are only now beginning to recognise for its broad-range harmful effects. (story and 1 comment and 2 images)
Last Commented Monday, Jul 9 2012, 1:25am
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dentalxray.jpg image Study links Dental X-Rays to Cancer Adam Cresswell via stan, Tuesday, Apr 10 2012, 10:12pm
Most dentists are trigger-happy when it comes to dental X-Rays, yet most common dental work does not require X-Rays, simple probes and mirrors are sufficient exploratory devices. However, dentists in their frantic pursuit of huge fees and quicker client turnover avail themselves of the easier, higher paying procedure and to hell with possible brain tumors, after all its YOU not me receiving the deadly radiation! (story and 1 image)
international / health related / other press

H5N1 'bird flu' virion image Deadly 'Armageddon' Virus Lab Creation Details to be Published Ian Sample via gan, Tuesday, Apr 3 2012, 11:31pm
It has been known for some time that monied ruling elites that subscribe to eugenics theory consider 500,000,000 souls (half a billion) the ideal GLOBAL population for humanity -- the earth currently has a human population of over 6.5 billion souls, so its goodbye to 6 billion people! Now consider, after reading the following report, the trouble and difficulty scientists encountered creating a mutant strain of an existing avian virus that could easily infect humans and one wonders who is behind this insane research and for what end this research was carried out. (story and 1 image)
international / health related / other press

probiotics.jpg image Microbes may play crucial role in human health Rob Stein via stele, Monday, Apr 2 2012, 7:20am
Few people today realise the critical importance of probiotics in maintaining health and well being; unpasteurized fermented products such as buttermilk, yoghurt and kefir are laden with health-giving living bacteria necessary for the balanced function of our bodies. (story and 1 image)
international / health related / other press

hazchemcleanup.jpg image Scientists Warn of Low-Dose Risks of Chemical Exposure Elizabeth Grossman via stele, Sunday, Mar 25 2012, 7:52am
A new study finds that even low doses of hormone-disrupting chemicals — used in everything from plastics to pesticides – can have serious effects on human health. These findings, the researchers say, point to the need for basic changes in how chemical safety testing is conducted. (story and 1 image)
international / health related / other press

beefroast.jpg image Red Meat Kills You Good staff report via stele, Tuesday, Mar 13 2012, 2:19am
Two rashers of bacon a day raises the odds of dying from heart disease and cancer by 20 per cent, a study has claimed. While red meat has been blamed for health problems before, the large-scale American study is one of the first to link it to a higher risk of dying. The data, from more than 120,000 men and women who were tracked for almost 30 years, was analysed by the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston. (story and 1 image)
international / health related / other press

Oz bush (wild) food image Lost Perspectives on Food and Eating sal, Friday, Feb 24 2012, 5:35am
It is extremely interesting to analyse how modern eating habits are 'created' and governed by certain forces, marketing/advertising and food 'experts'. The following highly enlightening and informative video on Food consumption and 'nutrition' in the modern era is highly recommended. Free yourselves from the tyranny of false authorities on food and nutrition. (story and 1 image)
international / health related / other press

David Rockefeller, sick bastard! image Prelude to Release of Lab-mutated 'Armageddon' Virus typhoid tom, Sunday, Feb 19 2012, 11:55pm
If two previous exposed attempts to create a deadly GLOBAL pandemic with lab-tweaked viruses over the past decade hadn't failed and received so much media attention this latest lab-created mutation of the bird flu virus -- easily infecting humans -- wouldn't have attracted my attention. However, we must ask why so much energy and funds have been directed toward creating this "Armageddon virus," as is it popularly known, in the first instance? It is plain to see that certain sick bastards are ready to release this man-made plague on humanity, probably this year. (story and 1 image)
international / health related / commentary

energydrinks.jpg image Doctors warn: so-called Energy drinks are POISONING our teens Siobhan Duck via stan, Sunday, Jan 15 2012, 6:51am
The Corporate and Big Pharma controlled AMA is calling, not for a ban on these clearly toxic, designed for no good purpose, 'energy drinks', but an age restriction on their sale. Clearly doctors are worried about losing their bonus points for that free holiday on the Gold Coast if they step on Big Pharma and Corporate toes, you pathetic, corrupt, gutless, professional no-accounts! But perhaps Aussie doctors may wish to inform the public of the diabetic 'benefits' to any age group a hyper-sweetened, caffeine saturated drink could offer! (story and 1 image)
international / health related / other press

text Scientific basis for some Yoga practices in Sinusitis Dr. Aanada Balayogi Bhavanani via sadh, Saturday, Jan 14 2012, 9:47pm
Recent American 'news' reports are warning that nasal irrigation -- known as Jala Neti in its country of origin -- could be fatal due to the presence of a brain eating amoeba in American drinking water! We have often wondered what they put in American drinking water to create such a fear ridden, socially paralysed (indefinite detention without trial or charge) CLEARLY enslaved, imbecilic population! The existence of this amoeba, among other things, in American drinking water may not surprise many so I would add a cautionary provision to the practice of jala neti; if in any doubt whatsoever regarding the safety of water supplies simply BOIL all water thoroughly and clean all utensils ('neti pots') before utilisation for nasal irrigation. There ya go, you dumb, frightened, Americans. [Please note this is an editorial comment and in no way reflects the opinion or sentiments of the author, though the health/safety warning applies!] (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Monday, Jan 16 2012, 7:53am
international / health related / other press

virus.jpg image Scientists DELIBERATELY create 'Armageddon' Bird Flu Virus Fiona Macrae via stele, Wednesday, Dec 21 2011, 10:50am
A super-strain of bird flu that could infect and wipe out millions has been developed in a laboratory. Dutch scientists who created the ‘Armageddon virus’ say it is ‘probably one of the most dangerous viruses you can make’. (story and 3 comments and 1 image)
Last Commented Thursday, Dec 22 2011, 8:52pm
international / health related / other press

fukushimaevaczone.jpg image Fukushima Evacuations Too Late .. staff report via sal, Tuesday, Dec 13 2011, 9:45pm
FUKUSHIMA — Some residents near the Fukushima No. 1 plant might have been exposed to up to 19 millisieverts of radiation during the first four months of the nuclear crisis, the Fukushima Prefectural Government said Tuesday. (story and 1 image)
international / health related / other press

Fukushima image Radiation Detected Across Europe Lee Ferran via stele, Saturday, Nov 12 2011, 12:27am
The hunt is on for the source of low level radiation detected in the atmosphere "across Europe" over the past weeks, nuclear officials said today. Trace amounts of iodine-131, a type of radiation created during the operation of nuclear reactors or in the detonation of a nuclear weapon, were detected as early as three weeks ago by Austrian authorities and then two weeks ago by the Czech Republic's State Office for Nuclear Safety. Today the International Atomic Energy Agency released a statement revealing similar detections had been made "in other locations across Europe." (story and 1 image)
international / health related / other press

PDF Document Big Pharma, leave our kids alone! Jill Stark via stele, Saturday, Aug 20 2011, 10:58pm
The sickening attempt by Pharmaceutical Company AstraZeneca, to addict and manipulate behaviour in developing children is nothing less than Nazism. It is almost inconceivable today that this 'trial' should have progressed to this stage before being rightfully REJECTED. Give 15-year-old children a break and let them develop naturally, for Christ's sake! In the absence of obvious psychosis such 'trials' on minors border on criminality. It is not a matter of label warnings and side effects, it is a matter of free human development, NOT a chemically controlled population and more PROFITS for BIG PHARMA, as 'some' would like to have it! (story and 2 comments and 1 attached file)
Last Commented Sunday, Aug 21 2011, 7:59am
international / health related / other press

text More Healing Wisdom from the East Lakshmi Gopal via sadh, Saturday, Jul 23 2011, 12:13am
When we view the REALITY NATO and the US have given the World over the past decade, the character of this marauding evil becomes clear, no assistance required to determine the ugliness and homicidal EVIL . Yet WE subscribe, either by passive acceptance, DENIAL or COMPLACENCY! Choose well the REALITY and WORLD in which you would either live happily or die/suffer miserably. Withdraw your active and passive support from the evil American Empire and reject its poisonous ideology of inequality, death, greed, permanent war and destruction.
international / health related / other press

frankenfoods.jpg image Farmers call for end to CSIRO genetically modified wheat trials staff report via gan, Friday, Jul 15 2011, 11:25am
Greenpeace is joined by an Oz farmers group concerned over the threat that GM wheat presents to our multi-million dollar wheat industry. Farmers are demanding that government cease all trials of GM wheat in Australia.

If Canberra's boot-licking attitude to US Corporatists doesn't cease soon, especially since allowing the most dangerous and evil Corporation on the planet (Monsanto) to jeopardise our food sovereignty, then the entire parliament must be jettisoned in favour of representative Independents. Gillard is but the latest boot-licking yank lackey PM after Rudd and Washington servant, Howard.

Onya Greenpeace for taking action against a Canberra experimental GM wheat farm. Your efforts have been rewarded with support from many quarters -- killer seed Company Monsanto requires 'killing' themselves! Oz Food Sovereignty MUST be protected from killer-seeds Monsanto and other GM food Companies at all costs.
(story and 1 image)
international / health related / other press

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