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If you have a question or request for our editorial group please use the contact form instead of publishing a story, as this will bring the matter to the attention of the editorial group in a much speedier fashion!

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The site was founded on an unrestricted content basis; this remains the preferred mode of publishing. By default, all contributions assume a 'no rights reserved' status unless otherwise stated in the work itself. It is understood that all content posted to this site is offered free for non-commercial re-use, conditional to acknowledgment of authorship. Unless otherwise stated, ownership of content rests with the respective author. The Cleaves site is a free publishing medium; all opinions are those of the respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of others or the Cleaves cooperative. For more information see our Editorial Guidelines page.

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Articles/stories contributed to this site are free for non-profit re-use. If you wish to alter the status of your story, clearly state your conditions at the end of the text.

For more information on open publishing and open content concepts check out:

In rare instances stories that have been published may be edited or even deleted by the cooperative running this site. Please read our privacy and disclaimer statements before publishing.

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