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"The price of ignorance is slavery"
"If money helps man to do good, it is of some value; if not, the sooner it is got rid of, the better" -- Swami Vivekananda
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text On Love Jiddu Krihsnamurti via sadh, Friday, Apr 6 2012, 2:07pm
The demand to be safe in relationship inevitably breeds sorrow and fear. This seeking for security is inviting insecurity. Have you ever found security in any of your relationships? Have you? Most of us want the security of loving and being loved, but is there love when each one of us is seeking his own security, his own particular path? We are not loved because we don't know how to love.
international / personal development / opinion/analysis

kundalini.jpg image Universal Flux (Kenesis) and the Serpent Power sadh, Monday, Apr 2 2012, 10:56am
A very quick and sure method of testing the 'credentials' of your yoga teacher is to question him/her on the 'coiled' aspect and 'dormancy' of the kundalini force -- it is described as both coiled and dormant in classical Sanskrit texts. 99.99% of yoga teachers in the world take the classical line, proving they are frauds at worst or misguided (unqualified) at best! (story and 2 images)
international / personal development / article

text The Physiology of Mystic Rapture sadh, Sunday, Feb 26 2012, 10:06am
We need to be very clear on a principal issue before proceeding and that is, there is no God outside human experience, in other words ALL knowledge of God or Divine Ecstasy falls within HUMAN experience. We are now ready to explore the human experience of direct communication with 'God' otherwise known as mystic rapture.
international / personal development / article

A U M image Mantra sadh, Saturday, Dec 10 2011, 9:05am
the science of sound (story and 1 image)
international / personal development / literature

PDF Document Essence of Yoga sadh, Sunday, Oct 30 2011, 11:24am
In a world of media induced frenetic mental agitation, which serves to confuse, paralyse and distract the population, nefarious MINORITY interests work tirelessly in the background to realise their ambitions. Today, it has become acceptable – in the absence of appropriate responses -- for (some) nations to OPENLY invade, MURDER/assassinate, TORTURE, plunder and enslave with impunity while those same nations demand that others obey the law and are held accountable for their crimes! The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) currently underway in Australia presents us with a good example of the inverted logic and prevailing lunacy that plagues the western world today. (story and 3 attached files)
international / personal development / article

brainareas.jpg image Your Brain on Meditation Andrew Rader via stylus, Saturday, Oct 15 2011, 10:28am
"There's a common misunderstanding among all the human beings who have ever been born on the Earth that the best way to live is to try to avoid pain and just try to get comfortable. You can see this even in insects and animals and birds. All of us are the same. A much more interesting, kind, adventurous and joyful approach to life is to begin to develop our curiosity, not caring whether the object of our inquisitiveness is bitter or sweet. To lead a life that goes beyond pettiness and prejudice and always wanting to make sure that everything turns out on our own terms, to lead a more passionate, full and delightful life than that, we must realize that we can endure a lot of pain and pleasure for the sake of finding out who we are and what this world is, how we tick and how our world ticks, how the whole thing just is." - Pema Chodron (story and 1 image)
international / personal development / other press

text Some Cold Hard Truths about Corporatists may, Saturday, Mar 26 2011, 9:23am
Western 'democracies' today are all but totally under the control of Big Business and Corporatists. So it would be helpful to highlight what we already know about Big Business, Transnationals and the Corporatists that run them.
international / personal development / commentary

text The Body-Mind Dichotomy or a single Psychosomatic Entity sadh, Saturday, Feb 12 2011, 8:17pm
As sentient human beings we should all be able to appreciate ourselves as physical/mental beings – this is the basis upon which I will endeavour to express a view via discourse.
international / personal development / article

text Lag Alert! staff report via yarra, Thursday, Mar 5 2009, 9:59pm
[We trust this matter will be handled with due diligence by our comrades on the inside.]
national / personal development / other press

text Having a 'Voice' Makes People Happy Frances Moore Lappé via finch, Saturday, Jan 31 2009, 10:28pm
"What is happiness? The feeling that power is growing, that resistance is overcome.” So wrote Friedrich Nietzsche in 1895.

I’m guessing that many of you would feel uncomfortable embracing this definition of happiness, especially coming from one of history’s most famous curmudgeons. If so, maybe in part it’s because too often we’ve nodded in agreement with Lord Acton’s catchy caveat, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” And who would want to risk corruption?
international / personal development / other press

Be wary of deceivers that would keep you ignorant and enslaved image The Crisis of Common Sense: Is It So Difficult To Understand The Financial Crisis? Matthias Chang via rialator, Thursday, Jan 1 2009, 7:21pm
[We all have a thinking, highly evolved BRAIN that loves nothing more than to do its job -- given half a chance it will serve YOU very well indeed.]

Thinking & Common Sense

God gave us a brain to think, to think naturally and in simple terms, not in convoluted ways.

When we think naturally and use common sense to address problems we are able to arrive at simple and effective solutions. However, our education system tortures us mentally and forces us to think in convoluted, unnecessarily complicated ways. Our teachers, economists, politicians and other so-called 'experts' make mountains out of mole-hills, turning simple truths into complex arguments and theories. (story and 1 image)
international / personal development / other press

Jiddu Krishnamurti imagePDF Document Freedom from the Known Jiddu Krishnamurti via sadh, Monday, Oct 20 2008, 10:03am
FEAR, PLEASURE, SORROW, thought and violence are all interrelated. Most of us take pleasure in violence, in disliking somebody, hating a particular race or group of people, having antagonistic feelings towards others. But in a state of mind in which all violence has come to an end there is a joy which is very different from the pleasure of violence with its conflicts, hatreds and fears. (story and 1 image and 3 attached files)
international / personal development / literature

bala.jpg imagePDF Document Demystifying Yoga cleaves, Saturday, Jun 7 2008, 2:27am
After forty years study and practise of Yoga and other related disciplines I can confidently say I know less today than I did when I ‘started,’ which, nevertheless, is considerably more than most ochre-robed yoga ‘experts’ who advertise in various new-age publications. (story and 1 image and 1 attached file)
international / personal development / article

Uncle Albert image In Memory of Albert Hofmann and his discovery – LSD-25 quin, Monday, May 5 2008, 10:48am
Albert Hofmann died last week aged 102; his longevity may be attributed to the ‘acid’ he first synthesised in ’43 -- then again it may not, but it doesn't really matter! Reams could be written on the effects of LSD but in memory and homage to a great man and pioneer we leave the description to him. Following is an excerpt from his book, “LSD - My Problem Child:” (story and 2 images)
international / personal development / other press

text Violence quin, Saturday, Feb 2 2008, 12:11pm
Violence has always been a problematic issue for humankind. The world is characterised by violence from storms/weather to the behaviour of microbes and large carnivores. However, the wanton violence of mankind is in a category all by itself. It is little wonder violence poses a major dilemma for all human societies.
international / personal development / article

text Rocking Horse Shit cleaves, Tuesday, Jan 1 2008, 9:44pm
A rare commodity indeed but rarer are those who sing the eternal song, the verses of which are imparted, never learnt! Following is an anecdote that may satisfy the mind and appease the need…
international / personal development / commentary

Angela Merkel image Tit for Tat: Merkel and Mugabe yarra, Monday, Dec 10 2007, 9:35pm
Germany summoned Zimbabwe’s charge d’affaires to the foreign office for a Teutonic dressing down after the African nation’s foreign minister called Angela Merkel a “Nazi remnant” and “racist of the first order!” "It was made clear in strong terms that remarks like the ones made about the chancellor are in no way tolerable," a German spokesman said. Furthermore, if Mugabe or any of his government representatives continue to slander the right-wing, Bush-loving, Merkel, Germany promises to invade, concentrate and gas the sub-human African population. Mugabe and his ministers will be reduced to soap and their skin made into lampshades! (story and 2 images)
international / personal development / other press

Useless image War America Kingfisher, Saturday, Aug 27 2005, 6:44pm
I didn’t inhale or have sex with anyone in particular. (story and 1 image)
international / personal development / news report

blue planet image Slaves of Love cleaves, Sunday, Jan 16 2005, 6:03am
Western students have immense difficulty understanding the very Eastern concept of Karma. Too often Judaeo-Christian (Zoroastrian originally) principles of light-dark, God-Satan, good-bad and all the other polar and binary oppositions pollute perception. Had Newton been a philosopher instead of a mathematician and physicist he would have made an even greater contribution to Western society. His understanding of the Laws of action/re-action are very close indeed. (story and 1 image)
international / personal development / article

PDF Document The Guru cleaves, Sunday, Jan 16 2005, 6:00am
The opera singer and a champagne glass – interesting association considering the title of this piece. Yet as an analogy it is difficult to beat. Most of us are familiar with an opera singer hitting a high note and creating a sympathetic reverberation in a champagne glass until it too starts to resonate and produce sound. The singer, in harmony with the frequency of the resonating glass, increases vocal intensity until the glass shatters into pieces! Here we have the perfect analogy of the guru and disciple relationship in a perfect world. But we are all too familiar with the imperfections of the world and unfortunately most ‘gurus’ fit into today’s world comfortably! (story and 1 attached file)
international / personal development / article

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