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by lynx Monday, Sep 13 2010, 7:57pm
international / prose/poetry / literature

a silver sky
a rising moon,
a barely discernable
disc against
an aberrant sky.

what chemical concoctions
are changing our once
familiar skies?

aberrant skies
are becoming
today --
corporate pollution,
compliant governments
puppet leaders,
and a high price to pay.

the sky and moon
appear blood red at times
why not a polluted,
silver sky?

i place my bet
and ask for a card
and notice silver fingers
dealing from the bottom
of the deck.

i fold,
wiser for
having seen
those fingers
working tricks,

Executive skies,
a world smooth as a
metal ball
denuded of everything --
it’s ‘progress,’

city streets
run red
with blood;

a world denuded of corporatists
and executives is preferable to one
denuded by corporatists and executives.

the morning sky
is blue today,
clear, clean,
beautiful blue.

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