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by fray Tuesday, Sep 14 2010, 8:14pm
international / prose/poetry / literature

i awoke this morning
uttering your name,
i am overtaken

i whispered your name
to ease my sleep
only to dream of you
throughout the night

your presence,
now permanent
in my heart,
engages my lips
in perfect harmony

your name,
a magic mantra
launches me
to the gates
of Paradise;
i am willingly overcome

your face and form
an ever-present vision
in my mind,
i am lost
in your endless sea

envelop me
i am yours
you are me
merged in perfect union

before the inception of time
we Loved,
it continues ...

my sublime
and true God-dess,
in fearless surrender
to each other
we reign,

we are ONE, indeed

nothing is able to
resist this Love
or spoil its perfect bliss

together we reign
in Love

in Love only
do we exclaim,

[it is very Good.]

audio Crazy Love -- Marianne Faithfull

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