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Who do you LOVE?
by cleaves Sunday, Oct 3 2010, 8:09pm
international / prose/poetry / literature

Disconnect from the poisonous
mass media and nightmare world it
creates and promotes and
ask yourself the most important question
of your life,

who do I LOVE?

if you hesitate or are lost
for an answer then
woe, woe, woe, is you.

to ‘live’ without Love
is not to live at all!

it is Time for YOU to harness
the most powerful force
against fear, hate
and misery
that exists,

only love is able to eliminate
ALL fear;
only love is able to revive the heart
and rejuvenate/heal the soul;
only love – nothing else –
is able to launch the Spirit heavenward.

the LIES, hate and poison our governments
spew daily portrays them for the vile and
murdering filth they really are – even the blind see
the horrid Truth of our,
deceptive governments
and the true face of the criminals
that have stolen our democracies.

the solution to ALL our ills,
social, political and environmental
is all-embracing, LOVE
and the Harmony it necessarily creates
(make no mistake.)

[only the loveless are forlorn.]

whatever is able to draw out your repressed
or lost Love, focus on it with all your strength
and unlock
the most powerful resource all humanity

only Love is able
to turn the current global perversity
and pending catastrophes around,
You know it!

whether your Love is released
by a person,
family, existence,
sunrises/sets, flowers, etc, add infinitum,
FOCUS on your personal trigger and
LUV your heart and soul out;
it is a limitless resource.

do not look for honey
in a sewer,
you will only find it
in a ‘flower’ – feed on
life’s exquisite ambrosia

i Luv You – u know it ..

we are sustained
in its Harmony and Bliss,
cleave to your LOVE
as a drowning man would cling
to a rescuing hand –
and under no circumstances
ever let it go.


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