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by rayn Sunday, Mar 18 2012, 11:08am
international / prose/poetry / literature

the way you look
(at me)

doors open
with each glance
the universe is revealed,
naked, raw
more exquisite than my imagination
could ever envision

beauty that staggers the most hardened
everything dripping in bliss,
all is reduced to its essential,
unpolluted, essence

caught with a glance,
trapped again
by you
forever captured by your eyes
(my) doorways to infinity

i am reduced to a fool
dancing over deadly precipices
plunging into bottomless chasms
with wild abandon
for you

embrace me before i disintegrate
hold me before i die in delight --


to be with you
to live with you
to Love only

audio Some say I got Devil - Melanie Safka

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