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The tragedy of WikiLeaks: it’s all about Assange!
by nano Wednesday, Mar 21 2012, 11:57pm
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

The most enduring criticism of Assange by many former WikiLeaks members/volunteers and workers is that a brilliant digital idea somehow degenerated into a cult of personality media circus; it’s now all about Assange!


True, WikiLeaks continues to publish material that contributors have gone to great personal risk and personal sacrifice to submit – if not for brave people of conscience and underground hacktivists the site would have failed in its mission long ago, the displacement of it’s raison d’ete by the cult of personality, which as history teaches us, has a very short use-by date, is the primary force now threatening the site’s INTEGRITY.

Assange, who has proven himself to be a media manipulator, is now desperate to maintain relevance and presence, his latest gimmick was to announce that he ‘may’ run for an Australian Senate seat, a highly improbable event.

If not for recent contributions gifted by the skilled ANONYMOUS, hacktivist underground, to which Assange gives little credit -- preferring instead to perform under the bright lights of the CORPORATE mass media himself -- the site would have continued its steady course to digital irrelevance. Enlisting support from dreamboat socialists who have never lived under a communist or socialist regime, like expatriate Aussie John Pilger, have not assisted Assange. Pilger’s recent absurd claim that criticism of Assange has its basis in “jealousy” (of what, we would all like to know) only serves to further undermine the very necessary and important concept of an anonymous, whistle-blowing, open website!

However, it is also known that ‘counter-intel’ forces consciously shift attention/FOCUS away from threatening concepts or ideas and focus on the frail human personality instead. All human personalities eventually succumb to the bright lights of sustained media exposure and Assange is no exception, in fact he seems to be extremely vulnerable to that kind of attack. Nevertheless, he is clearly a narcissist, glamour boy that consciously plays the media, to his own detriment I would add -- it is precisely those foibles that will be his and perhaps WikiLeaks’ undoing!

The forces Assange and most thinking people oppose today are not entirely without their own effective methods – consider the extra-ordinary INDUCED social paralysis in relation to the latest three executive orders/laws puppet president Obama has officially passed; indefinite detention, secret ‘legal’ assassinations and the most recent, the legal appropriation of all resources, including food and water and infrastructure in the nation – history has NEVER seen a people so completely DISPOSSESSED in such a short period of time YET no reaction from the masses! Of course we are aware of the dynamics involved and the methods deployed to create, alienation, fear and the ‘it’s all about me,’ narcissistic syndrome, hmmm!

We all have personality weaknesses, it’s unavoidably characteristic of all humans, so bright boys like Assange should now defer (doomed) ‘cult’ of personality pursuits to the integrity of the original idea/CONCEPT of WikiLeaks in order to ensure its future viability and tenability!

Understand something dreamboats like Pilger do not – we live in a post-modern world (like it or not) where identity is not only no longer relevant, it is in fact a handicap (for numerous reasons) – if any permanent progressive change is to be effected the mutually affective forces that create today’s social dynamics must be understood – of course I refer to the displacement of antiquated, hierarchical (contractive) structuralist systems with new, decentralised, highly dynamic expanding systems.

We note how antiquated ruling elites are desperately resorting to familiar contractive, and highly vulnerable centralised authoritarian systems in order to preserve their positions – the elimination of these minority forces should be a matter of profound ease for the unidentifiable, highly skilled, social and digital operators of TODAY. In fact it is! Get with it Assange, and say goodbye to dinosaurs like Pilger who actually has more in common with current ruling elites than he would care to admit!

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