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'Paper Gold,' Illusory Money and Political Deception
by sy Sunday, Mar 25 2012, 10:35pm
international / imperialism / other press

Much like the recent State elections in Queensland Australia, where the incumbent Labor Party was thoroughly thrashed 78 seats to 6, final figures yet to be released, the Bankster money monopoly game plays the same course.

Petty investors run from currency to currency and then to 'precious' metals and back, while all the trading is done in a digital medium and paper the REAL GOLD -- the majority of which is owned by one family, the Rothschilds, remains safely sequestered in privately owned banks and underground vaults on their many estates around the world. The paper and (computer) digital game is a circus RUN by the financial elites who ENSURE they win at ALL TIMES -- YES, the 'tables' are rigged and most traders know it!

In the same way that the people of Queensland Australia have replaced one owned party with the other owned party, the ILLUSION of validity/value continues. It has been widely known for some time that both major parties in Oz are 'owned' by the same elite Banker and Corporatist interests, who laugh every time the moronic masses express themselves in another rigged election!

However, had the PEOPLE voted representative INDEPENDENTS into office then real democracy would have been served. Instead the people fell for the TWO PARTY RUSE AGAIN, you mindless, Aussie, morons -- NEITHER MAJOR PARTY serves the interests of the people they serve their elitist masters, as will soon become apparent in Queensland -- it's a FIX!

The 'fix has been in' at least since the CIA -- working for elite money and corporate interests -- intervened in Oz affairs and had democratically elected PM, Gough Whitlam, deposed!

There is nothing to rejoice about in Queensland it's an illusory victory for the conservative party and no victory at all for Queenslanders. The status quo remains completely intact, only puppet politicians have been changed to give the people the impression their votes mean something, ridiculous!

In exactly the same fashion the self-SAME financial and corporate elites that control western politics control the so-called 'free' market -- excuse me while I laugh out loud -- the game was created by monied elites and is owned by monied elites, make no mistake. Regardless of the relatively small number of traders that derive paltry benefits/crumbs left on the rigged tables the game is owned and run by nefarious elite CRIMINAL interests. If investors make a million, elites make trillions, disparities remain as wide as ever -- nothing changes, the rich get richer and so on! One would think the global population has learnt the rudiments of the GLOBAL POLITICAL and ECONOMIC game by now, but alas!

Perhaps from another perspective:

Manipulation of the "Paper Gold" Market
by Bob Chapman

We have been in and around the gold markets for 53 years and conditions have certainly changed, driven mainly by market manipulation of all markets as a result of the Executive Order, which created the “President’s Working Group on Financial Markets.” Those who doubt that are either on the government payroll one way or the other, or you are just too dumb to understand what is really going on. In spite of these machinations and ignorant naysayers the bull markets in gold and silver are still alive and well. What you are seeing are paper markets and the use of derivatives to effect short-term pricing, especially when negative events are about to occur.

Those events are aided by naked shorting and illegal concentration in both gold and silver and the shares. Mind you, this is being done in a market to control it and in addition government and central banks relish stomping gold and silver into the ground. For years they hid what they were doing. Today their manipulations are in your face. These dramatic forced price falls are fortunately accompanied by heavy buying by China, Russia, India and others.

All the elitists are doing is giving long-term investors an opportunity to purchase both metals at prices far below their real value. Official government inflation figures say gold should be selling at about $2,500 an ounce. Real inflation statistics would have gold selling today at almost $9,000. Such deliberate under pricing is accompanied by financial chaos in Europe and England, high oil prices that reflect the possibility of conflict in the Middle East, the results of $1.4 trillion in loans to 800 European banks, England on the edge of bankruptcy and the continual quantitative easing and things such as Operation Twist by the Federal Reserve. The official government line on statistics is all lies. We see one research report after another pandering to these falsities, which is next to worthless. The professionals and investors continue to use these bogus figures and continue to lose money in the process.

There are few sellers in the physical gold and silver markets. The selling takes place in the paper markets. Demand worldwide for these metals as a store of value has never been stronger. Buyers are countries and flight capital from the Middle East and Asia. The traffic is very intriguing. In China the government promotes gold ownership and has thousands of outlets across the country, as does CIBC. They are called gold savings accounts. Just the opposite is true in the US, UK and Europe, where violation of privacy and freezing or confiscation of assets is possible.

Last year demand for gold rose 20% worldwide and it could top $100 billion in 2012. We are seeing major demand as well for Europe as the euro zone deteriorates without a solution in sight.

We have already seen shortages of 1/5 and ¼ ounce coins from time to time as Europeans gobble them up. These developments are reflections of the ongoing financial problems facing the US, UK and England. Those problems are recognized worldwide and thus, we have massive gold off take by many countries. In tandem all countries are running deficits and it is getting worse not better. The attitude is print money like everyone else is and buy gold at cheap prices. There has to be a lesson to be learned when US dealers go to European wholesalers and get little or no new product. At retailers product offerings are even slimmer.

Gold and silver have been in bull markets since June of 2000 and the trend continues, as nations get deeper in a financial hole, which is reflected in their currencies in the form of higher gold and silver prices. Manipulation of paper gold markets cannot continue on forever. One derivative default and the whole edifice could collapse. Manipulation only allows you to buy cheaper, but once the cartel is out of gold and silver underlying their positions, the game will be over.

Author retains copyright.

We should never forget that all effective social and environmental solutions are NOT globalist but LOCAL in nature; specific local differences and variables make it so. If people wish to succeed in life they must withdraw from ineffective (and destructive) globalist pursuits and respond to the particular needs of their immediate circumstances -- that simple!

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