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Clarke and Dawe Hang Banking Sector up to Dry
by dasha Monday, Mar 26 2012, 10:40pm
international / social/political / other press

Nobody does it better, 'onya Oz!

No intro required; enjoy and come to the understanding that it is the criminal Banking and Corporate sectors that own the two major political parties.

Western 'democracies' have been hijacked and puppets installed as leaders, Obama and Gillard especially, can no longer hide that fact -- the Internet has simply made that knowledge widely accessible.

Pure poetry, thanks boys!

It is TIME to take back our nations and governments -- BOYCOTT owned major parties and install REPRESENTATIVE INDEPENDENTS into Office. Insular, inbred Queenslanders recently FAILED to get the message; they will SOON learn that replacing one puppet with another is futile -- that ignorant approach would give the banjo playing yanks a run for their moronic money!

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