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Chronically Missing the Point
by tel Thursday, May 24 2012, 12:33pm
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

A story that is carried by all the major 'news' networks captures -- to the exclusion of other major news -- the focus of the public. Society remains locked into the existing structure. The veracity of the 'news' story becomes irrelevant if it remains in the news. It captures, whether the 'alternative' media denounces the story or whether the mainstream promotes it. Both reactions reduce awareness by narrowing attention; credibility becomes irrelevant if all media sources entertain a given story.


One of the latest attention grabs is the alleged insider machinations relating to the Facebook IPO - overpriced stocks were held just long enough to attract enough investors for insiders to dump inflated stocks and make a killing before stocks nose dived on the same day. Small investors were left counting their losses and KNOWN banker fraudsters and rogues cleaned up yet again!

However, it is not the event but the reaction to this obvious insider fraud that bemuses some. American citizens, instead of directly apprehending known guilty parties by the throat, are seeking recourse through the (corrupt) Courts -- what a laugh!

This is the same legal system/judiciary that upholds the indefinite detention provision in the NDAA, yet mindless Americans imagine that justice will be served -- I mean get a fuckin' grip! 'If you follow a blowfly it can only lead you to shit,' goes the old adage.

The same criminal banks that are responsible for the global economic collapse are also behind the latest shady Facebook dealings -- Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley! Doesn't anyone have memory in the US?

A judiciary that upholds Nazi laws; known criminal banksters behind yet another major fraud and the public seeks recourse via normal channels! What's really new, MORONS? Nothing! It's just another day in mindless America.

Work OUTSIDE existing criminally corrupt systems if you seek justice -- a shit sandwich tastes like shit regardless of whether it is served on a gold or paper plate. Or are the American people completely blind to viable alternatives and direct action these days?

The rogues that fuck you in the face (government) and arse (banksters) on a regular basis can't believe they are still alive and not hanging from light poles!

Every American is obliged to eliminate criminal governments and reform corrupted legal and other important regulatory institutions. Your shackles/constraints are largely if not entirely psychological.

Break free of the mindset that constantly refers back to a criminally corrupt system and take other alternative steps or whatever appropriate action you deem necessary to rectify the situation -- just don't keep tragically sticking your hand in the fire time and time again; LEARN from previous experience or be doomed to endlessly repeat your mistakes!

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