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American War Crimes in Afghanistan Continue Unabated
by Sardar Ahmad via gan - AFP Sunday, May 27 2012, 10:28am
international / injustice/law / other press

When America commits war crimes, they are not really war crimes! The absurd double standard and tissue thin excuses the US presents to a civilized, moral world regarding its CONTINUING war and other crimes against humanity are completely unacceptable. The US can't have it both ways.

Afghan village -- the 2 roosters in foreground are disguised Taliban!
Afghan village -- the 2 roosters in foreground are disguised Taliban!

Either ‘guided' missile strikes from remote controlled UAVs are legitimate and acceptable methods of modern warfare or the inordinate amount of civilians killed by UAV/Drones constitute war crimes.

Favourite targets to date include, wedding parties, funeral parties, children gathering firewood, tribal council meetings and innocent family gatherings! The problem becomes immediately apparent, blind Drones cannot differentiate groups of people or identify terrorist targets from 30,000 feet altitude. Camera and imaging equipment are clearly inadequate for precision strikes, notwithstanding that missiles are far from surgical strike weapons!

To compensate for these obvious failings, ground spotters are used, which presents more potential problems; spotters have been known to target people on the basis of vendetta or tribal grievances. However, the US has compensated for the imprecision of Drone strikes by inventing a new term for civilian kills/victims, "bugsplat," a most revealing term!

A conservative MIT estimate of civilians killed by America since the Vietnam conflict is six (6) million. That figure CLEARLY identifies the world's leading terrorist nation as AMERICA! We are not talking sparrows here, but innocent human beings; non-combatants, men, women and CHILDREN! It is high time the senseless killing of innocent civilians ceased; America's feeble excuses have never carried any weight, they were always delaying tactics, pure and simple. Well, the charade is over; moral nations and other powers, Russia and China especially, are OBLIGED to pursue American war criminals and place them on trial for their crimes regardless of the rank or office they may hold.

The WORLD cannot afford to compromise when dealing with OVERT terrorism. Action must be taken and the culpable placed on trial in REAL war crimes Courts, not that biased travesty of a Court at the Hague!

Report from AFP follows:

NATO air strike kills six children: Afghan officials

KABUL, Afghanistan — A NATO air strike killed a family of eight, including six children, when it hit their home in eastern Afghanistan, local officials said on Sunday.

Saturday night's incident in Paktia province threatens to further sour already shaky ties between President Hamid Karzai and his Western backers and will likely enrage Afghan civilians weary of years of bloodshed.

"Eight people, a man, his wife and six of their children, are dead," local government spokesman Rohullah Samoon told AFP.

"It was an air strike conducted by NATO. This man had no connection to the Taliban or any other terrorist group."

A senior security official in Kabul confirmed the strike and deaths.

"It's true. A house was bombed by NATO. A man named Mohammad Sahfee, his wife and six of their innocent children were brutally killed," the official said.

A spokesman for NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), Lt-Col Jimmie Cummings, said it was investigating the claim.

Civilian casualties are a highly sensitive issue in Afghanistan and have often roiled relations between Karzai and the United States, which leads NATO forces in the fight against Taliban insurgents.

Karzai, who signed a long-term strategic pact with President Barack Obama this month, argues that civilian deaths caused by allied troops turn common Afghans against his Western-backed government.

He has also warned that such casualties threaten the pact with the US, with his office saying that "if the lives of Afghans are not protected, the strategic partnership will lose its meaning".

Karzai summoned ISAF commander General John Allen and US ambassador Ryan Crocker to the presidential palace just over two weeks ago after a number of civilians were killed in NATO air strikes.

NATO and US forces in Afghanistan admitted in a joint statement after the meeting that civilians had died in two separate hits.

The statement gave no details of how many civilians died in each of those incidents but local officials put the total at more than 20, including women and children.

"The president will be assured of our commitment to take any and all appropriate actions to minimise the likelihood of similar occurrences in the future," the statement said.

The number of civilians killed in Afghanistan's war has risen steadily each year for the past five years, reaching a record of 3,021 in 2011, the great majority caused by militants, according to UN statistics.

NATO has some 130,000 troops in Afghanistan, mostly from the United States, but they will withdraw by the end of 2014.

The latest civilian casualties come on top of a series of incidents this year that have rocked relations between the United States and its Afghan allies.

Videos and pictures have emerged of US forces abusing Taliban corpses, copies of the Koran were burnt on a major US military base and an American sergeant has been charged with 17 counts of murder over a massacre of civilians.

© 2012 AFP

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