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ANONYMOUS image ANONYMOUS’ Cyber Campaign Continues Parmy Olson via Kismo, Monday, Feb 14 2011, 5:36pm
An act of revenge has turned into a high-minded campaign against unscrupulous corporate and government activities – that is, if you believe a group of elite, hot-tempered hackers supporting Anonymous, the online campaign group that stands up for free speech by, among other things, attacking Web sites. (story and 1 image)
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Assange with his mother image Assange claims Oz Labor Party "co-opted" by US baz, Sunday, Feb 13 2011, 6:23am
In an interview televised on Australia’s SBS last night, Julian Assange made the ‘highly revealing’ claim that the Oz Labor Party is essentially a bunch of errand boys and girls for Washington, Wow! We really didn’t know that, but Julian, there’s the ‘little’ matter of the L-i-b-e-r-a-l Party, and that traitorous, bastard, John ‘deputy sheriff’ Howard, you remember him, don’t you, Mr chief EDITOR, Assange? (story and 1 image)
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text Washington’s Belated Response to Assange bluey, Thursday, Feb 10 2011, 7:17pm
Very late in the day and well after a failed attempt by the US Administration to link Pte. Bradley Manning’s alleged disclosures to the person of Julian Assange, Washington’s Corporate controlled political puppets have released a statement indicating that they are not out to get Julian Assange, though they reserve the right to charge him if evidence becomes available in the future. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Friday, Feb 11 2011, 6:09am
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Marianne Ny image Assange faces wrath of "man-hating" Swedish ‘dyke’ in Extradition Case nano, Monday, Feb 7 2011, 9:27pm
According to retired Swedish (female) appeals court judge, Brita Sundberg-Weitman, the chief Swedish prosecutor in the Assange extradition case, Marianne Ny, is a classic "man-hating" ‘dyke,’ or to use the muted language of the legal profession, [possesses] a “rather biased … malicious … view against men". Quite possible, but something that all sexually active Aussie males should be entirely familiar with! (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Tuesday, Feb 8 2011, 5:20pm
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Stop the Torture of Bradley Manning image Pentagon cannot find evidence linking Assange to Bradley Manning Toby Harnden via Kismo, Tuesday, Jan 25 2011, 9:54pm
Investigators involved in the inquiry into how WikiLeaks received tens of thousands of classified documents have been unable to link Pte Bradley Manning, the prime suspect, to Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder. (story and 1 image)
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Julian Assange -- pot calling the kettle .. image Assange, a 'martini-drinking' common blackmailer nano, Thursday, Jan 13 2011, 4:39am
No one in the spotlight is really able hide their true nature; every action, from subtle facial expressions to overt behaviour and emphatic discourse reveals much and so it is with onetime media glamour boy, Julian Assange. (story and 1 image)
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text The Bleating Independent Media quill, Sunday, Jan 2 2011, 10:30am
It’s bad enough we are faced with the gross omissions and managed ‘news’ of the Corporate Propaganda Media, but surely, do we really need the misdirected focus of the Independents? The Alternative media prides itself on giving us the news mainstream outlets either ignore, dilute or misrepresent, and in most cases they do an admirable job, however, one HUGE error they share in common is the constant attribution/focus on the so-called, ‘ruling elite,’ as the source of all our social woes. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Monday, Jan 3 2011, 9:08pm
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wiredmagazine2.jpg image IT Publisher WIRED withholds full transcripts of Bradley Manning and Lamo Chat Logs Matthew Fleischer via Kismo, Monday, Dec 27 2010, 6:46pm
Salon’s Glenn Greenwald has a long and fascinating piece attacking Wired’s Senior Editor Kevin Poulsen for withholding lengthy transcripts of a conversation between WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning and the man who turned Manning in, Adrian Lamo. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Monday, Dec 27 2010, 6:58pm
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donquixote.jpg image The Assange Distraction, it’s Working! bluey, Saturday, Dec 25 2010, 6:41am
Now that vociferous progressive feminists, Rachel Maddow included, are supporting the two Swedish women that have made “rape” allegations against Julian Assange, the principal issues of the WikiLeaks exposures have all but vanished from public view; would anyone care to guess what they are again – LOL? For those easily distracted by dykes, nerds and fame seekers of every hue, a gentle reminder; the main issues are ACCOUNTABILITY, STATE TERRORISM, and PURSUING WAR CRIMINALS in HIGH OFFICE etc. (story and 1 comment and 2 images)
Last Commented Sunday, Dec 26 2010, 1:04am
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'Julian' Hilton image Assange, a Paris Hilton with a high IQ stylus, Tuesday, Dec 21 2010, 8:47pm
You had us all going for a minute, Julian; the world was briefly mesmerised by the Assange media circus and the hope of justice and real reform. You played the disgruntled, hope-seeking, frustrated public like a violin. Many continue to be fascinated by the spin but a book deal so soon – and perhaps a Hollywood movie contract – defines you as just ANOTHER fame seeking, self-serving ‘it’s all about ME,’ personality – same ol’ crap, different wrapper, Paris, oops, I mean, Julian! (story and 5 comments and 2 images)
Last Commented Thursday, Dec 23 2010, 7:20am
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smartphones.jpg image Your Devices are Watching You Scott Thurm and Yukari Kane via fleet, Monday, Dec 20 2010, 10:15pm
Few devices know more personal details about people than the smartphones in their pockets: phone numbers, current location, often the owner's real name—even a unique ID number that can never be changed or turned off. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Tuesday, Dec 28 2010, 5:51pm
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Assange, 'dead' man walking! image Assange’s ‘demon dancing’ serves to distract from Ongoing Corporate and American Crimes Kismo, Saturday, Dec 18 2010, 8:29pm
View the Assange media circus anyway you wish but remember while he/the media steals your attention with sordid (idiotic actually) sex scandals and very tame leaks, the world’s leading civilian killing, terrorist nation continues on its invasive/occupying, mass murdering, criminal course in the background – tick one up for the Corporate media and cabals that so adeptly manage the moronic masses. (story and 2 comments and 1 image)
Last Commented Sunday, Dec 19 2010, 7:31am
international / mass media / opinion/analysis

mastercard_lol.jpg image Assange to enjoy a "Martini with Friends" while Bradley Manning rots in Solitary bluey, Friday, Dec 17 2010, 9:38pm
If a picture is worth a thousand words and a video a narrative then here’s both. There are many unanswered questions now surrounding the strange person of Julian Assange and even more gnawing doubts as to this man’s character and INTEGRITY. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Friday, Dec 17 2010, 11:30pm
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text There’s something about Julian … nano-thermite, Sunday, Dec 12 2010, 12:58am
Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, is an enigmatic widely known person that can’t seem to stay out of the media since he abandoned his anonymous mode of operation. He is regarded as a hero by some and a dangerous subversive by others yet many remain guarded, perplexed and undecided in their opinion of this eccentric Australian man, nevertheless, he has been given unprecedented Corporate media attention and has forced the world to confront the ‘issue/s’ he raises. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Sunday, Dec 12 2010, 4:50pm
international / mass media / opinion/analysis

video The Global Info War Continues Ashlee Vance and Miguel Helft via gan, Wednesday, Dec 8 2010, 8:26pm
On Wednesday, anonymous hackers took aim at companies perceived to have harmed WikiLeaks after its release of a flood of confidential diplomatic documents. MasterCard, Visa and PayPal, which had cut off people’s ability to donate money to WikiLeaks, were hit by attacks that tried to block access to the companies’ Web sites and services. (story and 1 video)
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text Arrested by appointment -- from Oz with Love dasha, Tuesday, Dec 7 2010, 10:48am
WikiLeaks spokesperson and Oz citizen Julian Assange, handed himself over to British authorities yesterday, to face trumped-up charges of ‘rape’ brought by the Swedish government at the behest of the USA – why is the Corporate mass media so afraid of stating these plain facts? (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Wednesday, Dec 8 2010, 8:19am
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Albino Kookaburra image WTC 7 and WikiLeaks nano-truther, Monday, Dec 6 2010, 11:55am
I find it very “annoying” that U.S. agencies would use WikiLeaks to tighten their grip on the Internet – which is bringing down the ruling elite! What I’m saying, Julian, is would you like to dispel the theory that you are just another CIA Psyop by revising your statement on 9/11? My blind black dog knows what nano-thermite is and who manufactures it, not to mention all the overwhelming facts that NY firefighters and the ‘architects and engineers for 9/11 Truth’ have accrued. These people are specialised professionals not conspiracy whackos and they say the government explanation of the 9/11 attacks is ABSURD! (story and 2 comments and 2 images)
Last Commented Monday, Dec 6 2010, 8:12pm
international / mass media / opinion/analysis

Kevin 'photo-op' Rudd, pathetic! image WikiLeaks exposes personality defective, Kevin Rudd quill, Sunday, Dec 5 2010, 8:49pm
Now confirmed for the world to appreciate, Murdoch placed PM, (little) Kevin Rudd’s over-compensatory personality. Rudd, well known in Oz as a pathological narcissist, reveals more personality disorders – many deficient, insignificant politicians, including John Howard and George W Bush, attempt to compensate for their failings with bravado and posturing, Rudd’s urging the U.S. to use force against nuclear power, China, is both thoughtless and imbecilic. Clearly, such a person should never occupy any position higher than a menial clerk in any government department – Rudd is clearly unsuitable in his current role as Foreign Minister and should be put out to pasture in his home State of Queensland where inbreeding and deficient personalities are commonplace. (story and 4 comments and 1 image)
Last Commented Wednesday, Dec 15 2010, 1:45am
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Appalling Poster published by the Washington Times imagePDF Document WikiLeaks threatens to release 'Digital Thermonuclear Device' Doug Saunders via stan, Sunday, Dec 5 2010, 7:06pm
Before reading the latest news on the criminal persecution and victimisation of WikiLeaks spokesperson, Julian Assange, consider the screaming hypocrisies for a minute.

Assange has done nothing but REVEAL TRUTH and EXPOSE the LIES of CRIMINALS in HIGH OFFICE -- that act alone amounts to the greatest service rendered to humanity in the 21st Century, make no mistake! Now consider who and why would have this brave man persecuted and hounded into oblivion (which would actually guarantee the opposite effect!)

The USA and Canada have condemned themselves by vocally demanding the murder of Assange. This action amounts to a Muslim Fatwa, think about that -- politicians and people in prominent advisory positions calling for an ILLEGAL summary execution is OUTRAGEOUS!

Surely now even the dimmest Americans are able to identify, as clearly as the international community, the REAL criminals and terrorists IN THEIR MIDST.
(story and 11 comments and 1 image and 1 attached file)
Last Commented Friday, Dec 10 2010, 6:30am
international / mass media / other press

text WikiLeaks: NOT about Assange stylus, Thursday, Dec 2 2010, 6:20pm
The new, in-plain-sight, western criminal powers, have once again demonstrated their psycho-marketing, mass media and advertising skills by shifting focus from themselves to Julian Assange, the front-man for WikiLeaks – remember, it’s the message/CONTENT that’s IMPORTANT not the messenger! The WikiLeaks discourse and focus has shifted from exposing, apprehending and holding known criminals in high office to account, to Julian Assange himself, the founder of the whistleblowing website.
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