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carbonemissions.jpg image Carbon Markets Are NOT Cooling the Planet Stephen Leahy via pip, Thursday, Jun 23 2011, 11:16am
Carbon markets have been widely promoted as the only way to generate enough money to enable industries and countries to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions, which are largely responsible for global warming. The only problem is that nearly 20 years after their conception, they have failed to work, and have also been subject to fraud and other financial crimes. (story and 1 image)
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text Iceland Declares Independence from International Banks Bill Wilson via reed, Wednesday, Jun 22 2011, 12:02am
ICELAND IS FREE! And it will remain so, so long as her people wish to remain autonomous of the foreign domination of her would-be masters — in this case, international bankers.
international / imperialism / other press

bitcoin.jpg image Bitcoin Explained Andy Greenberg via bill, Monday, Jun 20 2011, 10:18am
Bitcoin is a grassroots nonprofit project that seeks to fashion a new currency out of little more than cryptography, networking and open-source software, and Gavin Andresen is the closest thing the project has to a director. Bitcoin is not, he explains, just a new way to digitally spend dollars, pounds or yen. That's been tried before. (story and 1 image)
international / miscellaneous / other press

text 9/11 and the Ministry of Truth Paul Craig Roberts via stan, Monday, Jun 20 2011, 7:37am
The purest example of how Americans are shielded from truth is the media’s (including many Internet sites) response to the large number of professionals who find the official explanation of September 11, 2001, inconsistent with everything they, as experts, know about physics, chemistry, structural engineering, architecture, fires, structural damage, the piloting of airplanes, the security procedures of the United States, NORAD’s capabilities, air traffic control, airport security, and other matters. These experts, numbering in the thousands, have been shouted down by know-nothings in the media who brand the experts as “conspiracy theorists.” This despite the fact that the official explanation endorsed by the official media is the most extravagant conspiracy theory on record.
international / mass media / other press

madrid_protests.jpg image Tens of Thousands March Against Euro Pact in Spain Inmaculada Sanz via stele, Sunday, Jun 19 2011, 10:06am
Tens of thousands of Spaniards abandoned their customary quiet day with families and friends on Sunday to march against the so-called "Euro Pact" and the handling of the economic crisis. (story and 1 image)
international / social/political / other press

text Europeans Balk at Their Role in NATO Marti Hiken via reed, Sunday, Jun 19 2011, 2:28am
Robert Gates’ recent public diatribe against the 28 members of NATO (1) who are “consuming security and not producing it,” and not doing their fair share in the bloody fighting, is either a warning or harbinger that the relationship between the U.S. and the European nations is changing. European nations are refusing to participate in America’s wars, and the U.S. doesn’t like it.
international / social/political / other press

hydepark_mem.jpg image Equal Opportunity alive and well in NSW Police staff report via stele, Friday, Jun 17 2011, 3:19am
Not to be outdone by the yobbo blokes, a female pig has been arrested after openly pissing on Central Sydney’s Hyde Park War Memorial – well, when you’re blind drunk and ya gotta go, ya just gotta go, so why not make an anti-war statement in the process?

Regardless of her very predictable defence, Hyde Park abounds in trees located away from the busy pedestrian walkway around the War Memorial and the gaze of private security guards. Silly little drunken piglet!
(story and 1 image)
national / miscellaneous / other press

lulzsec.jpg image Lulzsec Hacks Downunder Natalie Apostolou via Kismo, Friday, Jun 17 2011, 12:47am
Recent hacks around the 'globe' (space is irrelevant) are designed to demonstrate a few digital REALITIES to the WORLD, not least of which is the MYTH that western governments are in control; that 'your' governments are protecting you etc, etc; nothing could be further from the TRUTH as the recent Hacks on the CIA and other MEGA Corporations (that spare no expense to safeguard their data) clearly demonstrate! (story and 1 comment and 2 images)
Last Commented Friday, Jun 17 2011, 12:28pm
international / mass media / other press

libyanweapontraders.jpg image Obama Ignores Democracy, pursues Minority Agenda Simon Mann via reed, Thursday, Jun 16 2011, 8:39am
WASHINGTON: War-weary members of Congress have challenged Barack Obama on two fronts, asking a court to put an end to US involvement in the attack on Libya and calling for a big reduction of American troops in Afghanistan from next month. (story and 1 image)
international / peace/war / other press

text OWNED: CIA Web site hacked, group LulzSec takes credit Ellen Nakashima via Kismo, Wednesday, Jun 15 2011, 10:24pm
The hacker group LulzSec claimed credit Wednesday for taking down the CIA’s Web site for a couple of hours, the latest in a string of embarrassing Web site disruptions the group has pulled off — apparently more to poke fun and highlight vulnerabilities than to cause real damage.
international / mass media / other press

facebookprivacylaws.jpg image 'Tracebook' denies Users Leaving in Droves staff report via reed, Wednesday, Jun 15 2011, 12:00am
Favourite police and agency resource, Facebook, recently denied losing users though the stats would indicate otherwise. It seems the alienated, lost generation has finally become disillusioned with their 'digital friends' and a company that refuses to delete sensitive data at the request of the user!

Collecting highly personal and detailed profiling data was not enough for this intrusive company. Facebook has now included a Big Brother type digital face recognition 'feature' which would allow authorities to detect you in a crowd with street cameras, should the (future) occasion arise!

Wake up, you LOST, lonely, morons!
(story and 1 image)
international / mass media / other press

text Banks: Criminal Collusion to Avoid Responsibility/Liability Lynnley Browning via stele, Tuesday, Jun 14 2011, 11:05pm
While people suffer oppressive debt and ever increasing taxes, Banking and Financial elites OPENLY engage in criminal activity -- how does it feel, suckers?

Goldman Sachs' Carbon Tax, anyone?


international / injustice/law / other press

text Why NATO Continues Assassination attempts on Gaddafi Brian Becker via gan, Tuesday, Jun 14 2011, 6:47am
Wikileaks-released State Department cables from November 2007 and afterwards show the real reason for the mounting U.S. hostility to the Libyan government prior to the current civil war.
international / imperialism / other press

Gen. Petraeus, LIAR and war criminal image 90% of General Petraeus' Captured 'Taliban' Were Civilians! Gareth Porter via gan, Sunday, Jun 12 2011, 11:58pm
There is no avoiding the HARSH reality today that American military personnel are uniformed mercenaries fighting illegal, civilian killing, Corporate wars against people who want nothing more than to be rid of all murdering foreign invaders and occupiers.

From the Balkans to Libya the Corporate mass media's LIES have become transparent and the war crimes obvious; "humanitarian/terrorist," pretexts exposed!

ALL the wars that rage today are fought in the CRIMINAL INTERESTS of Central Reserve Banking and Transnational Corporations -- plain to see!

The vile, mass murdering, criminal filth behind these NEEDLESS wars are known to us all; they deserve the harshest penalties available under the LAW for their complicity in the most heinous crimes committed this century and for the mass deception their media attempted on the WORLD'S MORAL MAJORITY!
(story and 1 image)
international / injustice/law / other press

Money Lenders, 1466 image How Banks Create and Destroy Money Robert Bonomo via stan, Sunday, Jun 12 2011, 10:42am
The mechanics of modern banking are opaque, misunderstood and arguably dishonest. Modern fiat money, the dollar, euro, yen etc are all based on debt. For every dollar in existence, there is somewhere an IOU for the same amount. This is best illustrated with an example of a typical mortgage. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Sunday, Jun 12 2011, 11:18pm
international / injustice/law / other press

text IMF hit by 'very major' cyber security attack hydra, Saturday, Jun 11 2011, 9:35pm
For those still under the spell of the mis/disinformation mass media -- the MESSAGE IS CLEAR, PEOPLE ARE FIGHTING BACK! Whether on the streets of Greece and other European nations or via other means, including DIGITAL WARFARE -- THE 'MAN' is GOING DOWN. A world led by mass murdering criminal Bankers and Corporatists is completely UNACCEPTABLE. Justice will prevail as WE will PREVAIL.

We are MANY -- We are ONE -- WE are UNSTOPPABLE!

international / mass media / other press

deathofthedollar.jpg image China warns U.S. debt-default idea is "playing with fire" Emily Kaiser via fleet, Thursday, Jun 9 2011, 1:04am
Notwithstanding the fact that China like every other nation is AWARE that the USA is unable to honour its fourteen (14) trillion dollar national debt! We hope all nations that subscribe to the criminal Reserve Central Banking System enjoy getting their fingers burned by the criminal Banking elites in America. Russia and China, by supporting the dollar, are as much to blame for ALL America's raging illegal wars as America itself.

It would have been prudent to voluntarily dump the dollar and be rid of the problem once and for all, than to have criminally corrupt Americans DEFAULT on DEBT at a time of THEIR choosing! You deserve everything you are about to receive China/Russia!
(story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Saturday, Jun 11 2011, 2:41am
international / social/political / other press

text Carbon Tax backlash as Oz voters call for Election Simon Benson via stan, Sunday, Jun 5 2011, 9:19am
AUSTRALIANS are demanding Julia Gillard call a fresh election, saying she has no mandate for a carbon tax. With less than a third of all voters now claiming to support the tax, the federal government is facing a nationwide backlash if the issue goes to the polls.
national / social/political / other press

Southern Chile Eruption image Chile: Puyehue volcano chain erupts, forcing evacuation staff reopt via stele, Sunday, Jun 5 2011, 1:45am
A chain of volcanoes has erupted in southern Chile, [releasing millions of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere and] forcing the evacuation of thousands of residents. (story and 3 images)
international / environment / other press

text Oz PM, Julia Gillard, Ignores long term National Viability in favour of Short Term Corporate Profits judd, Friday, May 27 2011, 10:15am
The following video, compiled from ABC and 60 minutes sources, delivers a clear and frightening message of government corruption by Corporatists and the wanton destruction of our environment and precious ground water.

Legal injunctions to halt the destructive and toxic gas mining practice known as "Fracking" must be issued immediately. The sooner our corporate compliant puppet government is held accountable for its clearly destructive actions the better.
national / environment / other press

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