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By Accident or Design it remains Counter Intelligence
by stan Wednesday, May 12 2010, 8:40am
international / mass media / commentary

A vid is doing the rounds on Corporate GOOGLE’S censored Youtube, think about that for a minute! It depicts some fat yank claiming to be a former intelligence agent, blah, blah. Well, they’re a 'dime a dozen' (as the yanks say) over there. Everything this clown is saying is passé, years if not decades old strategies. For the PAST five or more years the hubs have been diligently doing everything this person wants us to do NOW – get it? His discourse is regressive/retrograde, it's designed to reverse current EFFECTIVE trends, which are devastating the criminals in power!

The best strategy this ‘genius’ can come up with is PASSIVE blogging or – “blog that!”

TODAY, the hubs and groups have ACTIVELY been engaged in disseminating strategies (able to be implemented by everyone) designed to bring down the CRIMINAL private banking system; delaying debt payments and/or optionally defaulting on all private sector debts, for example. The debt slavery model private banks designed and implemented decades past would thereby be eliminated.

Nothing in this person’s discourse translates as active subversion – passively blogging information without implementing effective strategies is pointless at best or counter productive at worst.

I smell ‘cointelpro,’ makes one wonder! The point is simply, anyone that attempts to turn the strategy clock back, is suss to say the very least. Stick with current effective (devastating) strategies and watch the private banking/financial sector crumble.

Nevertheless, we encourage everyone to arrive at their own conclusions -- the questionable video follows:

Compare with REAL WORLD effective strategies of today:

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