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It’s time to 'get over' national Labor
by ryall Friday, Jun 24 2011, 12:40am
international / mass media / commentary

The unusual amount of mass media coverage relating to thoroughly incompetent former PM, Kevin ‘show pony, do nothing’ Rudd, is curious to say the least. It really isn’t the point if the serving PM, Juliar Gillard, (un-mandated US bases and Goldman Sachs’ Carbon con) is less popular or by far the worst leader. An obvious malaise has infected the entire body of Labor in Oz, isn’t that right Mark ‘CIA’ Arbib? Tragically, Labor was once a social movement AND political party in Australia -- no more!

The ROT and DECAY has truly set in! It’s time for mainstream journalists to get over petty coverage and do their job investigating and reporting without fear or favour – headline/hammer both parties into shape hold our leaders to account, Oz cannot survive with leaders of today's tragic calibre.

Rudd was/is a pathological narcissist and policy bereft, devoid of action ‘leader’ and deserved to be hatchetted; the tragedy for Labor is Gillard is worse than Rudd. Her gushing servility to the USA is cause for great alarm, notwithstanding her disgusting, demeaning, performance in the US Congress. Her actions and Washington dictated direction is alarming to the point of pure TREASON – un-mandated US military bases of occupation and the Wall St carbon con highlight her complete, “enthusiastic” total subservience. She has in FACT made Oz a PRIMARY NUCLEAR TARGET by allowing the USA to build not just radar and tracking/surveillance bases BUT FIVE (5) FULL SCALE military bases of a type that once only existed in third world nations and conquered Germany and Japan.

If the local mass media continues to insult and underestimate the social awareness and intelligence of the Oz masses they will do it at great cost, make no mistake, readership and advertising revenue will go through the floor -- Corporatists couldn’t give a rats arse, they follow the ratings, wherever they go!

Be advised and be aware that Aussies are far more informed and intelligent than their American counterparts – they are acutely aware of the challenges facing the nation especially in relation to political leadership and the nation’s future tenability in the world after the lazy ‘hole in the ground’ economic model collapses. The rapacious exploitation of the nation’s natural wealth is occurring at unprecedented levels today – OUR resources are FINITE, remember? A PARADIGM SHIFT is required not a SLAVISH, PENALTY, Carbon con/tax that would line the pockets of bankers, criminal corporatists but do nothing positive for the local population.

The inane content of local mainstream ‘news’ lately is appalling, simplistic, prurient and mindlessly titillating; stories of teenage sexual antics on Facebook and idiotic, misdirected, political coverage padded with mindless stories about, manufactured to distract, ‘celebs.’ SHAME on incompetent/frightened Oz journos -- you have a SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that our nation retains its sovereignty and VIABILITY into the FUTURE.

Get over the DO NOTHING, ACHIEVE NOTHING Labor leaders and DO your damn JOB holding them to account according to the great traditions of Oz journalism. Need I remind you that Journalists are the guard dogs of Democracy not the lapdogs of minority interests!

If we DO NOT CHANGE DIRECTION SOON we will lose it all, everything; and the FAULT will rest squarely on the shoulders of mainstream journalists.

Aussies are up to the task, DO NOT ABANDON THEM!

Depressed Chris Hedges Prognosticates on the Current (and Future) Situation

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