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The New Kamikaze Politics of Today
by quill Monday, Jun 4 2012, 1:01am
international / social/political / commentary

For those not familiar, the term “Kamikaze” is originally Japanese and loosely renders into English as ‘the divine wind.’ It referred originally to Japanese suicide pilots of WWII. These very young pilots willingly died for their ‘Emperor;’ their training hours in the air were minimal, time mostly spent perfecting targeted dives. Their planes were flying bombs packed to the hilt with explosives, in effect they were the first human guided missiles sent to devastate the enemy; very few Kamikaze pilots survived their attacks.

Kamikaze pilots receiving orders
Kamikaze pilots receiving orders

Important to note is the blind obedience to the Emperor even though a suicidal outcome was almost guaranteed – suicide is something all healthy terrestrial species instinctively recoil from, as survival is the primary instinct of all species on our planet. However, an odd phenomenon has recently occurred in Western politics, particularly in client states of Imperial America such as Australia.

Politicians from client states ignore the wishes and welfare of the local population and instead obey orders dictated from Imperial Washington, even when those orders are suicidal to the politician and their party. The Wall Street (Goldman Sachs/Corporate designed) Carbon Tax is a perfect example.

The current servile Oz PM, Juliar Gillard, pledged to the people that she would never impose a Carbon Tax if she was elected to office. The public foolishly believed her and she won office. No sooner had her traitorous arse warmed the seat of office than she turned on the public and imposed a crucifying Carbon Tax on the population at the behest of Washington – Imperial America/Wall St desires to impose a penalty carbon economy on the world, so let’s start with servile Australian politicians and see how we go, after all who could openly and shamelessly grovel to Washington like former coward PM, John ‘aluminium tubing’ Howard and foreign minister to Rudd, Stephen ‘kneepads’ Smith? Gillard’s treachery is simply a continuation and amplification of an existing trend that goes back to Hawke and Keating de-regulating the Banks (on orders from Wall St elites) and selling our national currency (sovereignty) to Wall Street speculators.

However, the politicians of that day were far more politically adept and their deceptions largely escaped the wrath of the people, though their treacherous policies met with vocal protestations at the time. Nevertheless, the damage to the nation was done, non-representative Bankers and corporate CEOs now rule the nation via puppet politicians – at great cost to the people and environment, I would add!

But to return to Gillard’s BRAZEN act of treachery; she is a lawyer and was fully cognisant of the effect her treachery would have on her personally and her party but she disregarded the FATAL consequences and took to the air like an obedient Kamikaze pilot in service to her Emperor!

Not surprisingly Gillard’s popularity plummeted to record low levels and stayed there; her party is completely doomed as a result of her actions -- every subsequent State election has seen her party slaughtered. BUT have these atrocious political outcomes stimulated the survival instincts of rats, lawyers and politicians? The astonishing answer is, NO!

Oz politicians once had the survival instincts of sewer rats and would immediately drop any policy that compromised their survival and the future tenability of their respective party – NOT SO TODAY, but WHY?

Faced with annihilating consequences, Oz politicians of today continue to dutifully implement reviled policies dictated by FOREIGN Imperial powers in far off Washington.

The reason is obvious; today’s politicians are clearly in obedient servitude to minority, non-representative (criminal) Wall St, interests. In Howard’s case, he foolishly risked war crimes charges to serve Washington!

Oz politicians no longer have the best interests of the people or nation at heart -- that is PLAIN to see!

Fortunately treason laws remain indispensable and enforceable in ALL nations and these Aussie traitors are easily dealt with when the public chooses to exercise its prerogatives under law.

RESTORING REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY to the nation is simply a vote or mass movement away, the choice is yours, Oz! But one thing is CERTAIN; the people will NEVER AGAIN receive comfort from either major political party in Oz.

Kamikaze Oz politicians, Wayne Swan and Juliar Gillard, discussing future Corporate positions
Kamikaze Oz politicians, Wayne Swan and Juliar Gillard, discussing future Corporate positions


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sleight of hand
by jimmi Tuesday, Jun 5 2012, 12:10am

You would think by now that American citizens would have woken to the simplistic tricks of presenting two owned political puppets in a run for the prize.

The Corporate owned American media is saturated with discourse revolving around puppets Obama and Romney. However, real debate and commentary should focus on the existence of political puppetry and the elite Wall St interests than own Washington from Congress through to the Presidency.

The debate and discourse is not about two chosen puppets but about the unrepresentative minority elites that are directing the nation in the background.

There is no race for the Presidency -- there is an entertainment circus and a charade to give the impression that a real choice exists.

Boycott both major parties and support real representative independent candidates, if they exist. Reject the pathetic puppet show and demand the return of REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY. If all fails then follow the principles enshrined in the Constitution and take matters into your own hands -- Wall St elites are frightened and weak in reality, they are acutely aware of their very tenuous and weakening grip on society. Mass social/political awareness has weakened their power base considerably, hence their panicked attempts to implement a totalitarian police/military State.

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