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A Touching Story
by Nick Pearson via ryle - ninemsn Sunday, Jun 10 2012, 11:16pm
international / miscellaneous / commentary

'fur girl' adopted

A 6yo Chinese girl who was callously dumped by her parents because of a rare genetic condition has been adopted by a distant grandfather the newswire reports today.

My heart and soul shriek and lament every time I see children abused or maltreated, its something in the DNA. However, in this rare instance this poor little girl was saved by a distant relative.


When encountering such cold-hearted and callous disregard for innocent children and then a redeeming gesture of human kindness it restores some faith in an otherwise lost species -- the needless civilian killing wars that rage today can be stopped tomorrow if we choose to act! You can imagine how sensitive people everywhere react each time US/NATO intentionally launches Drone and air strikes that maim and murder INNOCENT men, women and CHILDREN for nothing more 'noble' than Corporate PROFITS -- God damn the lot of you, vile murdering filth, you will get your reward, be assured.

Justice may have been abandoned in the corrupt courts of men but I assure you it remains an inviolable law of nature and no-one 'gets out' until every 'penny' is paid and the 'slate' is clean. The forces of nature ensure perfect balance, which is verified and confirmed by its INFINITE progress, one tiny error or fault would have extinguished existence aeon's ago. The proof is in your faces, notwithstanding the same laws are recorded in every major world religion -- coincidence, I think not!

Have YOU seen the Light that shines brighter than a zillion exploding suns? Have you experienced the sublime Bliss, Peace and Knowledge of Existence?

The Ancient scribes and mystic poets know of what they speak. Be warned you vipers, you are about to confront yourselves -- good luck in 'hell' NATO/US, murdering scum and the Corporate Banker filth that controls them. And to the parents of this little girl, you cannot run fast enough or abandon yourselves, though you may dearly wish you could some time in the near future -- this story has now gone international and you cannot avoid the disgrace, shame or responsibility.

Story follows:

Abandoned 'fur girl' adopted by relative

A Chinese girl who was abandoned by her parents after being born covered in thick, black fur has been adopted by a distant relative.

Liu Jiangli, 6, has black fur on the left side of her face and across 60 percent of her body, AAP reports.

When the girl was two her mother disappeared from her home in Guizhou province. Her father then dropped her off at a kindergarten but never came back to pick her up.

The kindergarten looked for six months for someone to take Jiangli into their home before the grandfather of her cousins agreed to adopt her.

A maize farmer, Liu Mingying said he was initially uncomfortable with Jiangli's condition but has now accepted it.

He wants to put her in school but worries whether he will be able to afford it, and whether she will scare the other students.

There is no official explanation for Jiangli's condition, though it is similar to hypertricosis universalis, which entirely covers sufferers in hair.

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