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Rudd the dud image Oz PM sacrifices Aussie lives for U.S. criminal enterprise barra, Sunday, Apr 27 2008, 8:37pm
The justification the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, offers families and the Australian public for the needless deaths of our servicemen in Afghanistan is that al-Qaeda attacked ‘his’ ally the USA! Al-Qaeda is Bin Laden’s organisation; they are clearly not Afghanis! The people responsible for actions against western occupation forces in Afghanistan are Afghanis; the same tribal groups that fought Alexander the Great and Imperial Britain. The propaganda offered by western occupation forces to justify wars of plunder, land acquisition and occupation convinces only the feeble minded. None of it justifies the cost – in human lives – of the current occupation. This particularly applies to Australia, which is so far removed from Afghanistan that all attempts at justification meet with sneers and incredulity. (story and 1 image)
international / peace/war / commentary

text The ‘right royals’ dingo, Friday, Apr 25 2008, 10:21pm
At times we Aussies, usually for a number of reasons, get ‘the right royal shits’ and this is one of those ‘fuck everything’ days – everyone should have one, the therapeutic benefits are immeasurable! But to return to the causative factors: Australia’s hollow PM, Kevin Rudd, was in his element yesterday performing before the media at one of the nation’s most enduring and FORMATIVE commemorative ceremonies – ANZAC day.
national / peace/war / commentary

God bless hypocrisy image Nazi Pope Ignores War/Holocaust Ray McGovern via rialator, Wednesday, Apr 23 2008, 8:58am
Pope Benedict XVI arrived in the U.S. last week against a macabre backdrop featuring reports of torture, execution and war. He chose not to notice. (story and 1 image)
international / peace/war / other press

text Superpowers prepare for War in the Middle East finch, Tuesday, Apr 15 2008, 9:52pm
The superpowers are quiet at the moment but its not a restive quiet, it’s a lull before the storm! Few would misinterpret Cheney’s recent (preparatory) trip to the Middle East; Bush’s plan to ‘get Iran’ is about to be realised; Syria will have to wait or perhaps that task has been allotted to Israel. This war will see the introduction of tactical nuclear weapons by America and its ally Israel – the utter murderous INSANITY of it all -- but what of Russian and Chinese interests in the region?
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

text A Tactical Manoeuvre budgie, Thursday, Apr 3 2008, 6:54am
The following AP report announcing NATO’s endorsement of Bush’s missile defence shield in Eastern Europe is sure to create consternation in Moscow and Beijing – and I hope it does! If the Chinese and Russians are incapable of determining when they are under attack perhaps they too should join NATO -- though it is an invitation only military club. At least the offer to join would put the West on the spot and reveal its true intentions.
international / peace/war / commentary

text Written in the 'sky' cleaves, Wednesday, Mar 26 2008, 9:44pm
Hashim Thaci, ‘PM’ of the illegitimate ‘nation/pretend state/pipeline corridor,’ Kosovo, is known to Interpol and most police agencies in Europe as an organised crime figure – a reputation he earned from his long standing interests in drug smuggling, sex slavery, arms dealing and other sordid criminal activities. Thaci is also a cold-blooded murderer and is therefore the perfect choice for America to install as ‘leader’ of the stolen Serbian province of Kosovo – some things you just can’t hide, Uncle!
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

nukemerica.jpg image Nuclear strike Imminent major mitchell, Saturday, Mar 22 2008, 9:21pm
Current tensions in world affairs make a nuclear strike in the very near future almost a certainty. The current lopsided state of play favours the NATO/US alliance, as is evident with NATO’s accelerating expansionist policies. Absorbing smaller nations, especially those formerly under Soviet influence, is the latest tactic of aggression against Russia, Serbia and to a lesser extent China. (story and 1 image)
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

operaface.jpg image A faint glow on the horizon peptide, Sunday, Mar 16 2008, 10:19pm
China’s inaction after the deliberate bombing of its Embassy in Belgrade by US president, Bill Clinton in 1999 – the year WWIII actually began – has invited further assaults on Chinese sovereignty by America. However, the latest assault utilises a proxy to provoke political unrest and destabilise the ethnically imbalanced Tibetan region. A formula that worked to perfection most recently in Kosovo! (story and 2 images)
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

text Balkans at crisis point dusan, Monday, Mar 10 2008, 10:35pm
Washington and its western allies are shitting themselves over the prospect of Serbia asserting its inalienable right over its territories after the formation of a new Serbian government. Whether the west chooses to label Serbs nationalists, liberals, hardliners or brigands is irrelevant – Serbs will never give up Kosovo! Try and understand it is impossible to give up what makes you what you are! Even the thought of losing Kosovo fills Serbs with shame and intolerable humiliation.
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

Young Serbian women image Oral history from a Serbian fireside svetlana, Friday, Feb 29 2008, 9:38am
As a young girl I remember sitting by the fire at my Baba’s [grandmother's] feet listening to her stories of our family’s and national history. I was reminded of one frightening tale as I listened to a radio broadcast stating that Germany is increasing its forces in Kosovo – we know the extent to which Germany has trained and militarily supported Muslim and other secessionists in the former Yugoslavia. It is not with trepidation that I welcome the news; I embrace the opportunity to fight as my grandmother once did against the Nazis when she was a young girl. I welcome the news that the neo-Nazis are stepping into the fray themselves – I will do my family and nation proud. (story and 1 image)
international / peace/war / commentary

Hitler strikes a pose image Evil empires and disturbed dictators goran, Wednesday, Feb 27 2008, 11:45am
This portrait of Hitler speaks volumes; the hysterically effeminate representation was a personal favourite of Hitler’s – much to the consternation of his propaganda/media advisers. The German dictator and mass murderer clearly reveals his aberrant personality by allowing this obviously queer and screamingly effeminate representation to be shown in public. [Hitler’s sexuality is known to have been extremely ‘problematic’ – western propaganda notwithstanding.] (story and 2 images)
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

text Washington and Hashim Thaci – a criminal alliance finch, Monday, Feb 25 2008, 8:10am
Washington -- as divorced from reality and as thoroughly incompetent as ever -- is labouring under the misapprehension that it is able to indefinitely ignore International Law and dismember Sovereign European States! It is clear America persists with its ‘stunningly astute’ “mission accomplished,” “bouquet of flowers,” “known unknowns,” “broken the back of the insurgency” DREAM WORLD! However, analysts are aware that Washington’s latest statements are the result of panic and impending ECONOMIC and INSTITUTIONAL COLLAPSE. Reality dictates it is America that faces ruin. (story and 2 comments)
Last Commented Wednesday, Feb 27 2008, 8:17pm
international / peace/war / commentary

kosovoisserb.jpg image Legally Justified major mitchell, Sunday, Feb 24 2008, 10:31am
The removal by force, if peaceful requests continue to be ignored, of all foreign invading forces and military bases from Serbian territories is DEMANDED by the people of Serbia! Russia and China are in no position to delay in support of their allies; the U.S. has accelerated its deployment of offensive missile systems in a number of compliant nations – the latest installation is underway in Australia. This installation is clearly designed to target China. The USA has increased its efforts to encircle Russia and China with OFFENSIVE missile weapons systems due principally to the fact that IT HAS NOT MET WITH ANY RESISTANCE! America continues to overtly flout laws, conventions and treaties in its bid for world domination – there is absolutely no doubt of America’s intentions! (story and 1 image)
international / peace/war / commentary

Stephen 'kneepads' Smith image Australia’s great shame is its lack of National Identity peptide, Saturday, Feb 23 2008, 9:11am
The visiting American Secretary of Defence has highlighted the great shame of Australia. The ‘Australian’ foreign Minister, who is clearly out of his depth with the Americans, announced to the uninformed Oz public today that the nation will be participating in the new, uncertain, missile shield technology, which is primarily designed to protect American interests and military installations! (story and 1 image)
international / peace/war / commentary

Young Serbian girls rally to the call image Serbs vent anger before getting down to ‘business’ dragan, Wednesday, Feb 20 2008, 11:19pm
The indomitable will of Serbia is rousing. Thousands of Serbs are converging on Belgrade and other capitals around the globe to demonstrate against the illegal secession of Kosovo, the heartland of the Serbian nation. In a show of national solidarity, UNITY OF WILL AND PURPOSE, Serbs are informing the world that KOSOVO IS SERBIA! Secessionists, invaders and occupiers beware, a UNIFIED people defy your feeble declarations and assaults on their sovereignty. (story and 3 comments and 3 images)
Last Commented Thursday, Feb 21 2008, 12:03pm
international / peace/war / commentary

serbiamap.jpg image Serbian Militia enters Northern Kosovo dusan, Tuesday, Feb 19 2008, 8:55am
Western powers that have effectively declared war on Serbia via their proxy, known terrorist and criminal, Hashim Thaci, are now faced with retaliation from Serbian militia. NATO the EU and the UN, regardless of their strenuous efforts to call a ‘sow’s ear a silk purse,’ are faced with the WAR they imagined would not occur! The West’s response to Serbian forces defending their nation is likely to trigger full scale warfare, an outcome the delusory western alliance imagined couldn’t happen -- how much longer should the free world tolerate the ineptitudes and thorough incompetence of Washington? How much more innocent blood must be spilt before the world realises the source of the PROBLEM? (story and 1 comment and 2 images)
Last Commented Tuesday, Feb 19 2008, 6:39pm
international / peace/war / news report

warchild.jpg image War Child quill, Thursday, Feb 7 2008, 9:21pm
When words fail. (story and 3 images)
international / peace/war / commentary

text Israel faces future annihilation as Bush delivers ultimatum to Gulf States Mike Whitney via rialator, Monday, Feb 4 2008, 9:19am
Mike Whitney’s articles are always insightful and entertaining though some titles could do with a little modification. We are always happy for his work to be included in our “other press” section; however, his latest effort begs additional analysis. We would be pleased if he or others familiar with the subject would contribute additional information and pursue their analysis and deductions to logical conclusions.

An obvious question is why should Gulf States compromise their own economies and acquiesce to Bush’s ultimatum if Russian Naval and Air Power in the region are poised for action? Neither Israel nor the USA is in a position to declare war on the entire region. Any such action would inevitably involve Russia and China – so let’s hear it from the informed experts! Ed.

international / peace/war / other press

text The Free World and America’s ‘Fort Apache’ mentality druze, Friday, Feb 1 2008, 12:25pm
Remember how the west was ‘won;’ slaughtering buffalo, the principal food supply of plains Indians, and establishing Forts to secure outposts in the ‘Indian territories?’ All those treaties, lies and slaughtered natives, one and half centuries ago; but expansionist methods haven’t changed an iota. Welcome to Fort Bondsteel in Kosovo and hundreds of other American bases throughout the world!
international / peace/war / commentary

ICBM -- phallus compensation image Pre-emptive nuclear madness: an Iraq legacy yarra, Tuesday, Jan 22 2008, 2:00pm
It was certain! Failing to adequately deal with the illegal, pre-emptive strike on Iraq has given license to the same criminals and sociopaths to adopt pre-emptive NUCLEAR strikes today! The conventional pre-emptive strike on Iraq was based on lies; the result is the first holocaust of the 21st century but that HORRENDOUS REALITY seems to have been overlooked by the psychopaths who drafted the latest nuclear strike manifesto in Western Europe. (story and 1 comment and 2 images)
Last Commented Tuesday, Jan 22 2008, 8:31pm
international / peace/war / commentary

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