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Protesters solemnly flying the Southern Cross image "A just republic for all, Aboriginal sovereignty now" staff report via jarra, Tuesday, May 15 2012, 11:03pm
Indigenous Australians seeking sovereign recognition [for two hundred years] have been forcibly removed from their protest site in Brisbane Australia. Onlookers witnessed heavy handed police state tactics with over 200 police deployed to remove a relatively small number of protesters. However, racist and socially backward Queensland, is known nationwide for its fascist police force and their numerous appearances in Court for murdering blacks and other citizens -- an Italian Australian was fatally Tasered 28 times by Queensland police! (story and 1 image)
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Nanjing/Iraq image Corporatists set Agenda and Policy regardless of who 'wins!' Jeff, Tuesday, May 15 2012, 10:28am
Has America altered course since Bill Clinton occupied the White House and illegally bombed the Balkans, or has fundamental US policy changed? The answer to both questions is, NO! So why all the media ballyhoo over FAKE elections or the 'race' by two owned puppets for the White House? Both major parties are clearly owned and managed by the same Wall St Corporate/Banker interests? Yet the media -- including the so-called alternative media -- is covering events as though a real democratic process was playing out or that real political options existed. (story and 1 comment and 2 images)
Last Commented Tuesday, May 15 2012, 10:34pm
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Corporate puppets, Merkel and Sarkozy DEFEATED! image Resist or Die! Prof. Peter Phillips via stan, Monday, May 14 2012, 10:39pm
Runaway Corporatism is moving relentlessly towards sociopolitical-environmental collapse—cheered on by an owned two-headed single party machine known as US Congress. Activists, who see the coming disasters as catastrophic, are seeking revolutionary change through non-cooperation, and occupy disruptions. Yet, many are the still delusional hopefuls desperately fumbling with traditional responses; including "Kum ba yah" marches, and the futile support for progressive left-leaning candidates seeking positions of influence inside the Washington beltway. (story and 2 images)
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Anti-whaling activist, Capt. Paul Watson image Sea Shepherd captain arrested Jane Hammond via sal, Sunday, May 13 2012, 11:46pm
People like Julian Assange and Captain Paul Watson of the anti-whaling ship Sea Sheppard are TARGETED by the powers not because of any transgressions but because individuals CANNOT be seen to be SUCCESSFUL in their fight against a corrupt system. (story and 1 image)
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

Red Corridor image Grass Roots Military - India's Naxalites/Maoists Neeta Lal via baba, Sunday, May 13 2012, 10:49am
NEW DELHI - As India's Maoists continue to strike terror into the hearts of civilians by looting and kidnapping with impunity - they are now estimated to control a staggering one-third of the country's districts - more disquieting facts about their modus operandi have recently come to light. (story and 1 comment and 2 images)
Last Commented Sunday, May 13 2012, 11:08pm
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Paranoid Dalai Fraud image Tibetan Dalai Fraud is suffering Paranoid Psychosis staff report via karma, Sunday, May 13 2012, 8:29am
They're [China] trying to "poison me," says Dalai Lama. In a CLASSIC textbook case of paranoid psychosis, CIA asset and religious fraud, the Tibetan Dalai Lama has accused China of training Tibetan women to assassinate him with, wait for it, poisonous hair (what about the woman?) and poison religious scarfs -- it's medication time in Dharamsala! (story and 2 images)
international / social/political / other press

Just most of them! image Thousands of British police join anti-austerity protest Michael Holden via magus, Thursday, May 10 2012, 8:57am
As criminal (printing toilet paper money) Banker controlled Western Capitalism unravels in Europe, and thousands take to the streets in protest, what do you suppose are the headlines in America? No, not Wall St panicking or Bankers hanging from light poles, BUT homosexual Obama (his first preference is men) supporting gay marriage, how earth shattering! The desperate Corporate media must maintain the illusion and keep distractions flowing, FOR DEAR LIFE -- we wouldn't want the comatosed American population waking up and joining the GLOBAL movement against crooked Bankers, market traders and exploitative/rapacious, tax avoiding Corporatists! (story and 2 comments and 1 image)
Last Commented Thursday, May 10 2012, 10:04am
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horrorbudget.jpg image Sleight of Hand Economics jess, Wednesday, May 9 2012, 10:29am
It took an American CEO to indirectly inform Aussies they were officially experiencing an economic 'recession,' euphemistically called a ‘downturn’ by those that dictate policy to politicians. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Thursday, May 10 2012, 1:43am
national / social/political / commentary

Former NSW Premier, Kristina 'muffle' Keneally image Oz ABC ripples over ex-Premier's advice to Gillard jarra, Tuesday, May 8 2012, 12:49am
Have you ever seen such a thing in your life as three (Gillard, Bligh, Keneally) blind female Labor leaders? (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Tuesday, May 8 2012, 5:06pm
international / social/political / commentary

greece_demo.jpg image Greek Voters Punish Austerity Parties yanis, Monday, May 7 2012, 9:28am
Greeks quite rightfully vented their anger over imposed austerity measures in the latest elections. It seems Greek citizens refuse to accept responsibility for the reckless actions of Bankers. Where do Bankers and other large financiers get off shifting the blame for their drunken sailor lending onto the public? (story and 1 image)
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 François Hollande image Socialist Imposter wins French Election -- it's business as usual! red, Sunday, May 6 2012, 11:26pm
C'mmon people, is Europe as mindless as the US? Does anyone really expect 'change,' is anyone 'hoping' that the new 'socialist' president will return France to the people and constrain Banking and Corporate parasites? (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Sunday, May 6 2012, 11:37pm
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obama_wallstreet.jpg image Obama has "reservations" but he complies anyway! zed, Saturday, May 5 2012, 11:58pm
Drone addicted, child killing, war criminal president Obama -- let's face facts for a change -- pretends to have 'reservations' regarding HIS ROLE in America's rapid descent into a fascist, military State. The latest news is 're-education camps' for activists and social dissenters. Just think independently for a moment and ask how any President of the ONCE free United States could approve a LAW that indefinitely incarcerates without charge or the option of a trial -- I mean think about THAT before you are taken for another distracting propaganda or evangelical fantasy ride! (story and 1 image)
international / social/political / commentary

audio Occupy Wall Street in a Sentence leon, Saturday, May 5 2012, 10:49am
'You are the ineffective, directionless 99%, they are the highly focused, effective 1% -- that's the REALITY!' (story and 1 comment and 1 audio file)
Last Commented Saturday, May 5 2012, 11:05am
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

Attorney General, Nicola Roxon image America the World's Leading civilian killing Terrorist Nation signs terrorist pact with Oz bluey, Friday, May 4 2012, 2:13am
The world's leading civilian killing, therefore terrorist nation, America, which has been continuously engaged in criminal warfare since the illegal intervention in the Balkans, has signed yet another counter-terrorism pact with the slavish Federal Labor government of Australia -- the irony of that signing may be lost on moron Americans but not so on educated Aussies. (story and 1 comment and 2 images)
Last Commented Saturday, May 5 2012, 12:03am
international / social/political / other press

obama_toasting_dead_babies.jpg image The Crimes of Barack Obama Dave Lindorff via gan, Wednesday, May 2 2012, 11:47pm
As we slog towards another vapid, largely meaningless exercise in pretend democracy with the selection of a new president and Congress this November, it is time to make it clear that the current president, elected four years ago by so many people with such inflated expectations, is a betrayer. We had hoped that Obama would act in progressive ways and keep his promises; however, as is clear today, Obama is not only a betrayer of those hopes, but is a serial violator of his oath of office. Obama is in truth a war criminal, easily the equal of his predecessor George W. Bush and perhaps even of Bush’s regent, former Vice President, Dick Cheney. (story and 1 image)
international / social/political / other press

How many innocent children have we killed today, Mr Obama? image The Obscenity of Unrepresentative Government sal, Monday, Apr 30 2012, 10:12am
It was an American event journo's dinner at the White House that triggered this response. Obama is now known internationally as just another puppet clown serving Wall St elites; it has become painfully obvious to the world that this black (sell-out) lackey is completely devoid of compassion and any sense of empathy with the common people, as indeed are ALL political leaders in Western (former) democracies today. (story and 3 comments and 4 images)
Last Commented Tuesday, May 1 2012, 7:19am
international / social/political / commentary

Political Leper, arrogant and insular Juliar Gillard image The Cure and the Disease tom, Sunday, Apr 29 2012, 10:08am
I was particularly amused by the title of a piece (linked) written by veteran Oz political journo, Michelle Grattan, regarding Australia's backstabbing, TOXIC PM, Juliar 'Carbon Sachs' Gillard. It read, "Gillard tries to stop the rot;" hilarious, as Gillard is the rot! It's like sending in 'Typhoid Mary' to cure typhus or Dracula to manage the blood bank. Juliar Gillard has single handedly completely destroyed the Australian Labor Party both at State and Federal levels. Her appalling backstabbing of the public (and Rudd) over the Carbon Tax is the primary reason she has become the first 'political leper' in Australian history -- how anyone imagined she would get away with such a GROSSLY traitorous act, is beyond my comprehension and the Oz publics' judging by catastrophic State Labor losses in recent elections. (story and 1 image)
international / social/political / commentary

neoconsstrauss.jpg image One useful Neocon Legacy piri, Saturday, Apr 28 2012, 11:47am
The American Imperialist agenda that the neocons launched so effectively and that Obama pursues to this day, has a single positive element to it, perhaps confirming something my granny once told me as a child, 'nothing is all bad or good,' though the neocons came awfully close to being all bad. In hindsight it appears the neocons did humanity a great service by demonstrating how utterly servile, useless and fearful today's American masses are! (story and 1 image)
international / social/political / commentary

Sarah Palin image [America] A Nation of Morons Stephen Lendman via stele, Friday, Apr 27 2012, 7:42am
Jefferson called an educated citizenry "a vital requisite for our survival as a free people." Madison warned that "A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy, or both." (story and 2 images)
international / social/political / other press

facelessflag.jpg image Assange's WT -- failure to address core issues xerces, Wednesday, Apr 25 2012, 10:12pm
Assange's inept ability as a journalist was clearly evident in his last show (linked) but what is worse is confirmation of what many people suspected all along regarding a character who receives SUSTAINED, global mainstream press coverage. We should not forget that the corporate press portrayed Assange as a highly intelligent 'gifted hacker' -- however, no evidence verifying those claims has been forthcoming to date. (story and 1 image)
international / social/political / commentary

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