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"Democracy is a form of government that substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few" -- George Bernard Shaw
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BANKSY -- tagged imagePDF Document Semantic Subterfuge and Semiotic Terrorism nano, Monday, May 16 2005, 9:23pm
This paper is an attempt to distinguish between the background (passive) and the foreground (active) in the social dynamic and the (foreground) passive and (background) active in the textual/cultural dynamic. If layers of meaning develop as a consequence of a chance semantic juxtaposition – be assured they are unintended or accidental. However, the writer would intentionally introduce a discursive contrivance, the textual 'dis-incorporator' or the "semiotic terrorist" – those who are able to reverse the prevailing method of reading/writing. (story and 2 images and 1 attached file)
international / social/political / feature

text Intelligence USA cleaves, Saturday, Apr 23 2005, 7:28am
It’s now official, but do these admissions carry even a vestige of credibility? The US administration recently announced that it was grossly in error regarding internal intelligence assessments of the existence of WMDs in Iraq. Someone forgot to inform neo-con PR that the bull has already wrecked the China shop.
international / social/political / feature

text The Jackal cleaves, Tuesday, Mar 29 2005, 9:40pm
What stares you in the face is invisible! Who would suppose that Mr. “bouquet of flowers”, architect for the US world domination model, best friend of the Tel Aviv government, student of mass murderer Kissinger and neo-con extraordinaire, Paul Wolfowitz, would be allowed to run a drink stand [erratum] vie that is for presidency of the World Bank. – what next, a Kissinger nomination for the Nobel Peace Price?
international / social/political / feature

text Modern Warfare cleaves, Tuesday, Mar 8 2005, 3:49am
A popular myth of today is that America is the “undisputed” leading military power of the world. However, does this claim stand up to the scrutiny of even the simplest analysis? All things are relative in a military context so the obvious question is against whom is this ‘power’ dominant? The combined nuclear assets of the Sino-Russian alliance alone is enough to dispatch the entire American continent, if the sheer force of numbers (manpower) is included, the ‘winner’ would be the Chinese and Russians. In the context of all-out war the one absolute fact (that the US attempts to ignore) is mutual assured destruction. The Zionist lunatics (Perle, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld) who persuaded Bush to abandon nuclear disarmament treaties, thereby giving other nations similar license, have put us all in jeopardy.
international / peace/war / feature

text State of the Union cleaves, Tuesday, Feb 15 2005, 5:32am
There has never been an instance in recorded history when a nation that achieved military superiority did not attempt to dominate other nations. This is the inevitable result of gaining a strategic or technological ‘advantage.’ In view of the historical record, is it unusual that America would abandon its founding principles in favour of despotism and the pursuit of world domination? The path the US has taken is not new; it is a tired well-worn path that leads to certain destruction.
international / peace/war / feature

text Myopia cleaves, Wednesday, Feb 2 2005, 12:38am
Never before in modern history has the sensibility of the population been so anaesthetised. And never before will such a high price be extracted for the failure to reign in nefarious groups that have taken control of the major institutions of power.

While we brood in self-involved distraction, our options are being slowly but effectively eroded and our hard-won liberties are being curtailed. Yet where is the reactive response to these occurrences? With the exception of people of conscience, inertia and apathy has permeated the majority.
international / social/political / feature

text The Slave Syndrome cleaves, Tuesday, Jan 25 2005, 7:29pm
Throughout human history people have sought (or accepted) leadership in one form or another. Whether the subservient mentality manifests as identification to a pre-existing belief system or the need to follow another human being – the result is subjection. Forfeiting one’s sovereignty in either or both cases relegates the subscriber to subservience. Anthropologists and sociologists accept this behaviour as a fundamental aspect of human society and an essential element in the formation of ‘civilised’ societies. This particular worldview is now taken as a given social reality.
international / social/political / feature

NATO's legacy image Patterns cleaves, Wednesday, Jan 19 2005, 11:28am
Recent events involving the actions of certain nations have highlighted a pattern that most freedom loving people would find extremely disturbing. Is it possible, in the absence of a strategic balance of power in the world, that some nations with the means and opportunity would attempt to impose their will and value systems on other nations? (story and 1 image)
international / imperialism / feature

text Theotech cleaves, Wednesday, Jan 19 2005, 6:56am
Awesome demonstrations of new computer assisted warfare technologies and the resurrection of a new Starwars defence strategy have recently ‘dazzled’ American society. The principal proponents of these ‘strategies’ are the same men – Richard Perle, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz – who assured the world that the Iraqi population would welcome invaders with open arms and that the discovery of WMDs was inevitable! These ‘experts,’ have only confirmed that they are in dire need of medication; however, they have (momentarily) succeeded in convincing governments that these new advanced ‘solutions’ are the answer for an increasingly fearful domestic population and fearful allied governments – most notably John Howard’s Australian conservatives
international / social/political / feature

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