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"Never underestimate the power of human stupidity" -- Robert A Heinlein
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Crashing Satellite Hacked
by Kismo Saturday, Sep 24 2011, 5:04am
international / miscellaneous / commentary

"The failure of ROSAT was controversially blamed on Russian computer hackers. Although it was never conclusively proven, experts claimed it was consistent with similar cyber-attacks."


This satellite is not the first and it surely won't be the last victim of PERSISTENT cyber warfare.

I take this opportunity to remove some misconceptions about the impending (and inevitable) nuclear attack on the USA and Western Europe.

Forget the media bullshit of Islamists carrying suitcase bombs and other Hollywood crap principally designed to manage American morons.

Hackers and other specialists are aware the attack will occur from a security breach and a subsequent launch, the perfect INVISIBLE guerrilla attack of the digital age -- expect it!

Targets would range from Rome, London, New York, Washington, Moscow and Beijing, selected on the day; however, any attack would be calculated for maximum effect and response.

Next year's solar storms offer the most opportune time for a breach. Specialised attack systems have already been constructed to withstand major magnetic and electrical disturbances -- we got the parts from Radio Shack! But seriously, you'd be surprised what is available from industry and superceded military hardware, the rest is a matter of skill and if the crewz won't say it I will, GENIUS!

Those who may be offended by the idea of such a horrific calculated attack please refer to the civilian death toll inflicted by American Corporate wars on innocent men, women and children throughout the world.

There comes a time when those responsible for all the crimes and needless deaths require a taste of what they have inflicted on others. Only the cataclysmic VIOLENCE of a nuclear explosion is able to offer kind for kind.

A shock of this magnitude may indeed wake the apathetic world into the nightmare REALITY their leaders have inflicted on others.

We have had enough US/NATO 'humanitarian' bombing interventions, thank you.

NATO and US 'humanitarian' interventions around the world have slaughtered millions of INNOCENT, men, women and CHILDREN. The only thing the perpetrators seemed to have learned from these inhumane HOLOCAUSTS is that they got away with the most heinous, inhumane crime of the 21st century -- primarily due to the apathy of the masses.

So I hope you understand why all your protestations and arguments fall on deaf ears; YOU have failed yourselves, your societies and humankind and the sooner you are obliterated the better for everything.

O, and don't forget to have a nice uncaring, insular, self-centred day. Dying is 'all about me', too, you vile, disgusting, creatures.


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You're only partially right
by ..::bEEP::.. - Mooncheese Mining Inc. Monday, Sep 26 2011, 10:50am

Kismo's Mind: Kismo > Scumbag Humans

If you were so nobleminded, you'd have done more than write a half-page, vitrolic spew. People know damnedwell that North American/European politicians and the military forces they control are immune to sanctions and nearly all forms of prosecution. If you're no coward, and in on everything; then go ahead and jam your fingers into alpha-dog's eyes. You'll end up like the rest - imprisioned for life or murdered by the state (whichever one you live in). You should check your head and think before admonishing others for balking at actions that you're also reluctant to take.

adolescent assumptions
by Kismo Monday, Sep 26 2011, 11:53am

you assume much, 'bleep' -- knowledge is power and u know fuck all about me or anything else judging by ur angry little response. better 'bleeps' than u have tried to flush us out, but to no avail!

promise me u'll do better next time or alternatively contribute a constructive, well thought out article.

by ..::bEEp::.. Monday, Oct 3 2011, 1:35pm

Ah, ageism... The oldest (most pathetic?) trick in the book for nerveless screen-minders.

disagree = younger than Kismo
youth < Kismo

Your rebuke is as poor as your aticle.

context amd meaning
by Kismo Monday, Oct 3 2011, 8:52pm

the reference to 'adolescent' is used in the broad sense, ask someone with an education.

there is no shortage of emotionally stunted, infantile adults, especially in under-educated, MORON America, tho u clearly belong to the 'child' category.

accept the challenge and prove me wrong if u dare by showing the world your stunning, incisive literary skills -- CONTRIBUTE or fuck off - fair enough?

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