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Oz Defence Establishment Rejects ‘kneepads’ Smith as Minister
by dasha Friday, Mar 9 2012, 9:47pm
national / social/political / commentary

It seems that Australian defence personnel have finally woken to the true character of the current defence minister, Stephen ‘kneepads’ Smith, a renowned coward, US groveller, political opportunist and proven incompetent.

Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith

‘Kneepads’ Smith belongs to the political genus of servile sycophants that do not even consider options other than knee-walking before Washington politicians.

MANY opportunities for astute and COMPETENT Oz politicians currently present themselves, as Australia now occupies one of the most critically important regions in the world – it is a thorough disgrace that no local politician is able to exploit and capitalise on our new found STRATEGIC WEALTH and potential POWER, you talentless, GUTLESS, Canberra MORONS, of which Smith is a typical example!

Prime Minister Gillard recently signed off on an unprecedented F-I-V-E full scale (nuclear armed) US military bases on Oz soil, a ‘privilege’ formerly extended only to US colonial outposts and subjugated Third World nations, if the shoe fits; but Gillard is the most unrepresentative PM in the nation's history, she only represents herself and the minority interests she serves!

Gillard gave scant regard to the real opportunities Australia’s new regional importance offered, she was too busy 'enthusiastically' kowtowing and sucking American cock to even notice. We can easily appreciate that the malaise that infects Smith also plagues the entire Labor Party of gutless, incompetent, politicians – the sooner they are booted into the political wilderness the better. BUT please be aware that Abbott is NOT a viable alternative, both major parties are 'owned' by the same minority Banking and Corporate interests -- ELECT instead REPRESENTATIVE INDEPENDENTS at EVERY OPPORTUNITY and RETURN this nation to the real representative democracy it once was. Never forget servants serve their masters before they serve anyone else, Carbon Tax anyone?

However, even Juliar ‘Carbon Sachs’ Gillard -- whose ‘lunch-loosening’ address to Congress will go down in infamy -- is distancing herself from ‘kneepads’ Smith, who has rightfully earned the ire of our highly regarded defence personnel and most of his Labor colleagues. In view of her previous failure to sack Rudd when it was necessary, it will be interesting to see how long it takes Gillard to deal effectively with ‘kneepads’ Smith – though it’s all academic, a game of deck chairs on the Titanic! [My God, has Oz ever seen political incompetence such as this in its entire history?]

Corporate Media report follows:

Abbott: Defence personnel don't want Stephen Smith

THE men and women of the defence forces don't want Stephen Smith as their minister following harsh criticism of him from a retired major-general, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says.

Retired major-general John Cantwell has written an article in Fairfax Media in which we accuses Mr Smith of having disregard for the military based on his experience of accompanying him on a visit to Afghanistan.

"Reflecting on Smith's visit, the abiding impression I was left with was that he merely tolerated people like me and the troops I commanded..." he wrote.

"Then I had it: respect. Smith had no respect for those who chose to serve in uniform for their country.

"It was an uncomfortable insight."

Asked about Major-General Cantwell's comments, Mr Abbott said that it showed Mr Smith had a serious problem.

"It seems increasingly obvious that the defence department, defence personnel don't want him as their minister," he said.

"The government has poor relations with the serving men and women of the defence forces."

Mr Abbott called on Mr Smith to apologise to Australian Defence Force Academy commandant Commodore Bruce Kafer, who the minister criticised harshly over the handling of the Skype sex scandal.

Commodore Kafer has since been reinstated but Mr Smith has not recanted what he said in 2011.

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